I’ve started my 5th semester in school :) One more semester and I’ll graduate! :) I jumped straight into the 3rd semester if you are confused, haha.

I pay more attention in lectures. We are having 6 straight days of Assessment and Intervention lectures and I must say I am slowly loving it!!! :) One lecture is 3 hours long so around 1 hour I will start to doze off. Then, I found my miracle drop… COFFEE. Mel and Mireille get it every morning and I thought it is because it’s a habit but omg, IT KEEPS ME AWAKE FOR 3 HOURS AND THERE WAS MAXIMUM PRODUCTIVITY. Plus Mireille and I moved closer to the front and omg, 2 hours and 58 minutes, I was in full focus.

I understood the entire lecture on CBT. Back in poly I was like a “cool” kid (lol) so I always sat at the back. I couldn’t concentrate because if Kangling started drawing something, I would start to do it too. We should draw on each others’ papers, on each other and the focus was lost. Not that Kangling made me lose focus okay! I was happy to lose my focus then because it was definitely more interesting than lectures ;)

I got inspired by my lecturer :) He is a registered child and adolescent psychologist! He makes me want to do well and go for the honors program so I can go on to Masters and register myself as a full fledged psychologist on the board! :) This is still too early to say, haha. I might start to slack off or just do badly :( We’ll see how this goes!!!

Today I met with some obstacles so I will show you how I overcame it! :)

I took bus 52 to a bus stop to change to another bus. I got on it and found out my EZ link card is empty :( I had coins just enough for $1.10, one short bus ride (LUCKY DENISE). When I got off the bus, I realized I did not stop at an MRT station. I have no coins and an empty ez link card, how am I going to take a bus?? I searched the map for the nearest MRT station, which is Caldecott about 1km away. Walked there, topped up my card and headed straight for my destination :) No point moping around and having anxiety :) Woo I can go anywhere with GPS :)

Hope this week has been treating you well! :)


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