Vintage Tea Party

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 photo 235_zpsb833e39a.jpg

High tea buffet with Yijun at House @ Dempsey! I love the set up, the food, the exterior, interior… Everything looks lovely! The price was wonderful too!! Hahaha! My favourite has got to be the squid ink pizza, oh my gosh. There were squids and onions :’) We went out after we were done and they had tables with English lanterns :) We had a little photoshoot before making our way down to town. Yijun is extremely wonderful in taking people :) Creator of poses ;)

Better head to school now! :)

Make sure you reserve a spot first because even though it’s from 3-6, there is still a crowd! You can make a reservation at their website! It is a plus plus plus point for me because I don’t have to rehearse what I want to say through the phone ;)

House @ Dempsey is located at

8D Dempsey Road
Singapore 249672


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