Typing the title reminded me that I have to cancel my driving on the 20th.

I’m loving driving more and more. I was really dreading it at the start. Actually, my reason for not signing up for driving earlier was because I don’t want to carry another “burden”. I’ve decided to go for it because no way am I going to have time to sign up for non peak sessions after graduation! See that I forced myself to take up driving.

I really dreaded practical lessons, lol!!! I get really nervous and I made tons of mistakes. I couldn’t turn properly.

Then, I decided to use positive psychology on myself ;) (APPLICATION OF SOCIAL BEHAVIOR MODULE). I found out this positive correlation between attitude and passing rate. My friends who dreaded driving failed a few times before they passed and they don’t really like it. On the other hand, friends who looked forward to lessons passed it on the first try, lol. For example, Mel, who is a car enthusiast ;)

I don’t know how, but I got myself really excited for driving one day!!! Maybe it is because I typed “I AM SO EXCITED FOR DRIVING” on twitter and it immediately boosted my excitement for it. ¬†Behaviors will affect your mood so making yourself smile will make you a little bit happier :) As predicted, I did really well :’) I turned well, I got my chance to go on the road, I went above 60km, I signaled and everything, hahaha. The instructor even let me try out some level 3 stuff (which I already forgot what it was)! The following lesson, I brought with me the excitement and omg, I managed to get through this S shape road without mounting curbs on the first try!!! Then the instructor kept praising me like crazy and I started to mount curbs hahaha. I guess the studies are right. When you are happier, you will want to explore more and push your limits :)

It used to be,

Instructor: “We are going to go to the road okay.”
Me: “Huhhhhh. Okay..”


Instructor: “We are going to go to the road now.”
Me: “Omg, okay!”

Confidence is really important! Believing you can do it really make doing things feel like a breeze :) Of course, you cannot be overly confident!!! *Remember the mounting curbs above.

Now I just need to apply this to my studies, assignments and projects, hahaha.


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