White, gold and rainbow colours.

I got Javis to choose our couple watches that I was going to buy for us; it just has to have a white face. You can see he is in love with gold lately. Missed the registered mail delivery and had to wait a few days before I finally got my parcel.

 photo 039_zpsf18cb41d.jpg

 photo 046_zps54e9c2d6.jpg

 photo 049_zps1ff0ea2b.jpg

 photo 060_zpsff29f124.jpg

 photo 068_zpsd6d5a0f5.jpg

 photo 069_zps695b198c.jpg

 photo 083_zpsbfebcdd0.jpg

I wasn’t a fan of watches. You don’t need a timepiece to tell time when you have your phone. And, I got this. Now I’m finding excuses to wear mine everyday. My wrist is kind of boney to have the watch sit in the correct position because the leather strap is still too stiff, but still, it so pretty. White, gold and dark red/maroon goes really well together.

Mixed blueberry yoghurt and fruity pebbles for a snack today. Inspired by Vivian.

 photo 084_zps30246a0c.jpg

 photo 090_zps7fa2ddbd.jpg

I like it. I finished the entire bowl :)

Today was just the start of the storm of assignments/tests/presentations due almost every week. I will persist and stay strong!!! My holidays are coming!


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