Bring msn back + Wisdom teeth

I took out my wisdom teeth today and I was a loser. I cried the moment i got injected with the morphine or whatever you call it. I was crying and trembling and I decided to not take out the other side. The nurses were so so nice :’) I squeezed their hands pretty tightly omg. Now thinking about it, maybe I hurt them :( But omg they were really nice. I wanted to hug everyone of them but I’ll probably burst out in tears because I was too touched. The surgeon is really nice too :’) She kept saying if I feel any pain I can talk to her :’) I hated the injection part but after that, it was alright. MY TOLERANCE FOR PAIN IS THE ULTIMATE WORST.

The wait for the operation was really long :( Thankfully, I made a friend :D He made me forget all my worries then he left and the next guy is just really quiet and nervous. He made me nervous!!!

I thought the entire thing was alright. There were definitely more nice things as compared to THE STUPID INJECTION. THEY POKED ME LIKE 5 TIMES.

Went to Mandy’s house to get a textbook and she walked me down to my bus stop :)

We downloaded yahoo messenger so that we are forever together.


It sucks omg, bring msn back. Even if no one uses it, it can still be there!!!

I boiled potatoes and eggs so I can have mashed up potatoes and salad. Obviously I couldn’t get the consistency of the mash potatoes at 7-11 and i had a really hard time chewing and keeping it on the left side :( Then I remembered the nurse told me to try not to chew today. Wow, and I still bought papayas. My sister is coming home to eat my mashed up potatoes and eggs so it’s saved :)

I found out that I got the deadline for my essay wrong; it’s actually another 2 days more! Hooray!!!!!! :)


4 thoughts on “Bring msn back + Wisdom teeth

    1. HAHAHA. Omg. I didn’t try that because I can’t open my mouth then! Suck it through my teeth?? Hahahah!!! Thank you!!! Sorry I replied so late!

  1. Ice cream, Eat ice cream, it helps healing and it heals super fast! That’s what I did for the first and 2nd day! But I felt guilty for having so much fats in me!

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