Missy 先生

It’s been so long since I last followed a mediacorp drama! I was particularly interested in Missy 先生 because it’s about caregivers and ultimately, the helping profession :)

Haotian is an overzealous nurse and people around scolds him by bothering too much because sometimes, it gives the client mixed information or they will be overly dependent. I didn’t see being overly nice as a hindrance too but from that show I did see how it will affect the helper, his family, his client, his work place, his boss, his girlfriend. Omg, I love that show.

What I love most is Haotian and Yiting’s love :'( Yiting was obviously in love with him but that annoying grandfather she has kept saying that the status between a doctor and a nurse is too huge and forbade them to be together. Then, you see Yiting struggling to choose between doctor, rich, high status Jiaming and nice, nurse Haotian! Like I know ultimately she would pick Haotian, I mean, he is crazy about her too. So at the last episode, Yiting confirms she has stage 1 ovarian cancer and she decides to break up with Haotian (they only got together in the previous episode wth) and go over to the states with Jiaming for treatment. She gave excuses like she doesn’t want to regret marrying a poor man for life and shit. I still didn’t cry omg. So she went to the airport being sad and all then Haotian came. OMG I WAS SO HAPPY??? Then he started saying this:

Our love has room for flaws, trials, setbacks. Besides laughter, it can also hold sickness and pain, tears and wilfulness. As  long as we are in it together, even the most inadequate love can blossom and flourish.

THEN HE ASKED HER TO MARRY HIM AND JIAMING SMILED (best part when the annoying rival gives his blessing too because he wants the one he loves to be happy!) Then I just started crying, omg. SO SWEET :'( I totally know it was going to happen and I still cried BECAUSE I AM A LOSER AT THESE KIND OF SHOWS OKAY. ANYTHING WITH SOME CANCER AND A SELFLESS PERSON.

Yiting and Haotian forever <3

Hopefully they come up with more shows of the helping profession!!! :D Now is CLIF 3 and I am excited about it too because all I think of when there are policemen is “My Kangling is in there omg.” I said it for the first time today and my father was trying to search for Kangling on the screen, lol. And they said this other department and I said “Aw, my Yuanyi is inside that.” I’M SO PROUD OF THE BOTH OF YOU. Yay, mediacorp :)


8 thoughts on “Missy 先生

    1. I got watch pls. But I damn slow one. Catching up on HK drama is the slowest. Like 3 years late those kind, lol! First is America, Korea then Taiwan.

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