I could be better.

 photo 1432_zps32ba9a0e.jpg

I just read the “Why I cried after attending my boyfriend’s combat diving graduation” and I reflected along the way; I wasn’t a very good girlfriend either, lol. Maybe not as bad as her because I still want to listen about what happens and I don’t think it’s boring! I know Javis has it really bad inside and this week he had a double role which is crazy and they had to go on this mission :o

Sometimes I got myself to wake up early because I know he has to wake up even earlier but these few days… I just rotted as much as I could. I would sleep until 10 plus and just use my phone until 11 (school starts really late). I chose my 9pm show over our phone calls because I always thought he could still talk to me after lights out. I’d forget it eats into his sleeping time and he was really tired :( Javis got a little bit annoyed and said “Is your show more important than me? :'( ” and I actually expected him to understand that that show has got something to do with my future so I have to watch it. Bad Denise, lol. All he wanted was to hear my voice :(

I kept complaining about my essay and he even offered to read it in the jungle oh my goodness but he still couldn’t because he had no more data left. I should shut up since I’m already living it good with my laptop, bed and air con at home and in school.

Lately, I’m not even sure what he did much because you can’t have phone calls in the jungle but I’ll find out soon enough! I can’t even imagine walking into a jungle!!! They had to sleep, walk, run and stay in the jungle. All the bugs and everything :(

Having a boyfriend in army isn’t that much to handle but I think I am taking it too much of a breeze. Hopefully by the June, when Javis finally gets his red beret and becomes a full fledged commando, I’ll reflect again and know I did a better job than I am now :)

Time to step up my game :x


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