April favourites!!!

I love love love favourites videos. I always looked forward to Michelle Phan and Bubzbeauty’s favourite videos but they haven’t been doing it much. I like to know the things they swear by and if they used it and recommends the product, you know it that has some good effects :) So recently, I got to know Bethany Mota. Yeah I didn’t know her existence until last Wednesday when Yuanyi told me. She is two years younger than me and has this amazing personality. I just really really like her. I watched about more than a year worth of favourite videos and it sort of made me want to do something like it!!! Of course, I am not a video person so I shall do a favourites post :D

Beauty favourites.

Favourite mascara:

It is the Daiso Mascara Natural (black)

ARE YOU SHOCKED I HAVE A MASCARA ;) I don’t even own bb cream. Thanks for the people who met me and thought I use bb cream ;) Maybe I should own one though for like events or something.

Okay so I saw this from Tried and Tested and I was like, it’s only $2 so what’s the harm in owning one. I couldn’t find the long and curl one so I settled for this Natural and this is so good. It’s really natural, like, it doesn’t clump, it doesn’t lengthen so your eyes won’t look like a firework or like you are wearing falsies. It’s really subtle for someone who doesn’t use makeup at all and I like it! :) It’s not waterproof and again, works for me because I can just wash it away. It’s going to be a waste to buy makeup remover to just remove mascara products. And look at the packaging. It’s black with a silver ring; so classy and I love it :) I only use it occasionally when I have too much time preparing to go out. I still go out barefaced so you know, chill guys, I still like my face without products. AGAIN, IT’S ONLY $2.

People are probably going to stare at my eyelashes and ask if I put mascara now, hmmmm. Don’t please, LOL. Just know I own a mascara.

 photo 3284-tile_zpsf91ba2cc.jpg

Omg it is so pretty I can’t.

Favourite brand of nail polish:

Rainbow nail polishes.

Omg, Corinne introduced them to me and I love them to death. I used to collect The Faceshop’s nail polishes and they are really bad. They are streaky and just suck on the whole. For some reason I have quite a lot of them. I have moved on and jumped onto the Rainbow wagon. I love that the application is really smooth and isn’t too thick so it gives you a smooth finish. The thing about the nail polishes are that it is more watery so one coat is definitely not enough. I always put at least 2 coats. Here is the most important part; IT ONLY COSTS $2. Like, what? Yeah, it’s cheap and good and I will keep on collecting them until I find a cheaper and better alternative! I have about 12-15 rainbow nail polishes by now and I only got to know about them in late March. You can find them at any Aries outlets and I would buy 4-6 bottles at one go. Yeps, I sold my soul to them. Did my nails today with this particular nail polish and it’s true to it’s colour :)

 photo 3280-tile_zpsd40097b5.jpg

Favourite nail polish colour:

Essie’s The Cab-Ana.

I wanted to collect Essie polishes before I found out about Rainbow because they are really good and cheaper than OPI and China Glaze. Even though I got mine at a cheaper price ($6), they are still really expensive. I mean, $6 for an Essie. I can buy 3 Rainbow polishes. I will still buy Essie polishes occasionally :) Okay so yeah back to the colour. ISN’T IT THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BLUISH COLOUR EVER??? It’s perpetual summer in Singapore and this makes me feel like going to the beach or a pool. I like it because it is not too bright and I am leaning towards a tanner skin tone so too bright a colour will just make my hands look burnt.

 photo 3282-tile_zpsde652da7.jpg

Favourite lip product:

Yeps, Maybelline’s Baby Lips (mixed berry)

I was queuing to pay for my hair products when I saw it hanging beside me there was this mixed berry one and pink glow one. I need to have a lip balm. I prefer bright colours so of course, I picked this. I opened the tube and it was this translucent lip balm which is what I want; to just moisturize my lips. Turns out it is tinted and to me, I think it is a build-able colour because the more layers you put, the pinker your lips get. So to not have too much of a colour, I’ll only put one layer! I use the Baby Lips often and it never fails to give :'( On days when you think your lips look a little too pale, this will be your best friend.

 photo 3276-tile_zps45828002.jpg

Now for my non beauty favourites! :D

Favourite food:

Oh my gosh, I have 3. Okay, first up is Pepero (White chocolate)!!!! These are amazing. It’s like, cookies and cream in pocky form and what is better than that. I love the almond ones but this is probably going to replace it. It’s sweet and crunchy and with little bits of cookies stuck onto them :'( Amazing. I got 5 boxes for $3.80 at Fair Price :D

 photo 3285-tile_zpsf6a6a3bf.jpg

Seaweed. DO ANY OF YOU REMEMBER THESE??? They are like a super popular primary school snack. I used to only have $1 for lunch when I was primary 1 and I would just use it up to buy 10 packets of these and sneakishly eat it during lessons. It was the bomb. I got a huge packet of it recently and I can not stop snacking on itI am snacking on them right now. The other day, I finished 12 packets at one shot :P I’ve been snacking on these like crazy and I have no regrets. It is an addiction guys.

 photo 3286-tile_zps0ef7002a.jpg

Almond rocher? I think that’s what they are called. These are the most amazing chocolate, caramel, nut rectangles you are ever going to get. Every time I start to chew it, it’s like, magic happens. They mix together to form the best taste in the world :'( Whoever who made these, you should be appointed president of candy. These can’t be found in Singapore, by the way :( Yeah, it’s really sad, oh gosh. My cousins’ cousins’ got us a huge bag of these from America and I am running low on supplies :( I’ll have to carefully ration it. Maybe they sell it in Singapore? Tell me if you do know :(

 photo 3292-tile_zps1fcc8559.jpg

Favourite drink:

No doubt about it, Vanilla Coke. IT’S BACK GUYS, IT’S BACK. I do not know why they took it down. It’s like, the god of all cokes. I really really love it and omg, I really need to stock up on them if they are going to pull them out again. Cherry and lime coke were like servants and this is the king. Yeah, I really love vanilla coke. I should marry it.

 photo 3290-tile_zps06b13776.jpg

Here are some of my favourite fashion finds!

Favourite earrings:

My infinity earrings I got from Toy Outpost. It’s like, the perfect colour, the perfect shape, the perfect infinity earrings. So I bought them straight away. They cost me $4. They are just really pretty.

 photo 3278-tile_zps522bd3bc.jpg

Favourite fashion:

I’m turning into a girly girl, people. I am going crazy over floral clothes. Aren’t they the prettiest?! I got my blue floral shorts from Forever 21. My mom got it for me ;) It is so comfy and pretty. I love blue roses.

The other pretty floral piece is the Everitt floral dress from Fairebelle!!! I saw it for the first time and it was love. Then it was heartbreak because it was sold out in a flash. Love again because it got restocked and I managed to get one!!! :D It is sold out now and I do not know if they will be bringing in more. I just love it. It looks like a top and a skirt but it’s not. I love it.

 photo 3296-tile_zps8aa3f4b7.jpg

Geek specs. I MADE NEW SPECTACLES. I own three glasses now and they are not like fake lenses okay. I had actual lenses made to fit them. This is my latest one and I love it!!!! I love that it makes me look good and want to wear specs out more. I always wear contacts out because my other two glasses fail me; one is from primary school and that, NOBODY CAN SEE IT. Another one is a geek specs too but it’s smaller and I ordered a cheaper type of lens for that and it just ugly. I got it at Bugis so it doesn’t have the pads to hold it up to your face and just keeps sliding down.

Now these are perfect. They fit my face properly, hang on nicely and  are just beautiful. I love you forever. I don’t know how people make their specs for over a hundred dollars? I bought the frames from a shop in The Cathay for $12.90 and fitted more expensive lenses for $50! :D I think it’s really worth it.

 photo 3288-tile_zps7f505b88.jpg

Favourite book:

NO DOUBT, HANDS DOWN, THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES BY CASSANDRA CLARE. Cassandra Clare is my BFF right now. She is just amazing. TMI is about demons, vampires, werewolves and mostly, the shadow hunters. I love Jace. I love Clary. Jace and Clary should be bounded by life. It kept me awake until late at night and it’s really hard to stop. I have all 5 books in my iPad and I can’t wait to start on the second book!

 photo 3293-tile_zpsd7300da0.jpg

Favourite music:

Heart by heart by Demi Lovato. I am super into TMI soundtrack and this is one of the songs featured in it. It is such a beautiful song. It’s about if you find the person you love, who knows you in and out, you stick with him :) HI JAVIS *waves* I love love love this song. It was on repeat when I am studying.

Mr. Mr. by SNSD. LOL. This is like, my jam. I love to listen to it when I am walking. I like to walk to fast beats because I tend to walk faster ;) So anyway, it is so addictive. I didn’t like it at first but I decided to listen to it more and I got hooked. I went to find the lyrics and it’s about asking a guy to man up LOL. I’m not into the lyrics but the beat :D IT’S SO GOOD OMG.

Demons cover by Sam Tsui and Max Schneider. THEY MADE IT INTO A BEAUTIFUL SOOTHING SONG. Not saying Imagine Dragons’ version is not nice but it’s too noisy for me :roll: and Sam and Max have beautiful voices 8-) I just love acoustic versions of songs. I think it felt more depressive from Sam and Max’s version, SORRY.

All of me by John Legend. Just scroll down/click on the previous link to know the reason, it’s not that hard ;)

Favourite movie:

Definitely Divergent. I love movies or stories where there are classifications of people and they explain it slowly. Like they have Abnegation (selfless), Amity (peaceful), Candor (truthful), Erudite (intelligent) and Dauntless (brave). I especially love how the love between Beatrice and Four managed to help them. I CAN’T WAIT FOR INSURGENT TO BE OUT.

So these are all of favourites for the month of April :) Hopefully I get to do a May favourites :D So do you like my nails? ;) White and yellow daises :D Some times, when you look at them, they look like eggs. I’m happy :D

Better go do some workouts now!!! 8-)



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  1. wah wah wah macham like an established blogger. don’t forget me when you’re rich and famous!;) btw, your third last sentence got me laughing like mad…

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