I have disappeared for way too long.

Omg, I am back you guys. Sorry for the one month disappearance! We had this stupid one month long exam break and I’d feel guilty if I were to on my computer (but I did everything else but study, lol)

Like really, my studying attitude was so bad that I wanted to audition for SM Entertainment. Plus I kept watching EXO’s xoxo and I really wanted to experience the feeling when you get on the stage infront of millions of fans :D Then the whole Kris episode appeared and I’m probably going to be ill-treated as well despite the fame, lol. IF I EVEN GET TO GO IN. So I got my head back down from the clouds and studied for the last two days, lol.

My mom even got my chicken essence tablets because she saw me struggling with this stupid module. I really hate that module. As much as I think I can manipulate myself into liking it, I couldn’t. I’m probably going to fail that module 8-) Which I don’t think is that bad an idea because I can have more holidays and freedom before actually starting to work full time. But if, miraculously, I do pass, I’ll ultimately be pursuing my masters anyway so I won’t be working that long as well :) 1-2 years probably!

My mom is supportive of the repeat, hahaha! She knows it’s hard and she said if I do repeat, it’s better because I can score better? Haha. Plus my family can afford the repeat so it’s fine :)

Javis is currently in Brunei. Vivian and I went to send the commandos off and it felt empty when he entered the departure hall. Then I realized I have never sent him off before, lol. One was because I knew I would cry and I think another one was because I had school the next morning? He told me he wouldn’t kill the quail but ultimately he did but he was traumatized HAHAHA! I think they were all probably forced to kill the poor birds.

I’m really happy right now because I am the most free I have ever been :) I have so many things prepared for the holidays. So many places to go to, so many books to read, so many dramas to watch :D I’m taking a break from the cafe hopping today :) I love some me time as well :) Plus I have tons of things to do at home!

Wooo, I love you guys! I have some stuff for my upcoming May favourites 8-)


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