Late night out :)

Right after Cephas’ 21st birthday party at Robertson Quay with Waiyee and Minjia (I had a super great time and I am really thankful I’m one of the few 4e2 classmates that got invited :) ), Kenny and Vivian came to pick me up at 10.30, hee hee. I was so excited because someone is driving, I was going to stay out late like a cool kid and we are going to watch The Fault in Our Stars!!!

So after picking me up we went to pick Javis up at Kallang. Okay so let’s side track a little, Kenny is Javis’ commando friend (I think they are quite close, hahaha) and Vivian’s secondary school friend. We first met when we sent them off for Brunei; he converses in Chinese which I like so we became friends LOL.

First we rushed to eat dimsum at 126 at Geylang. VIV AND I WANTED TO SEE SOME “PEOPLE” but there was no time because we had to rush for our movie at 11.50 at Balestier (most remote cinema of Singapore). We missed a few minutes but it was okay haha. Not going to spoil anything but Vivian and I were like, leaking water taps :'( So many parts sparked tears and some were just, omg, waterfalls. It didn’t follow the book exactly (which a lot of people want) but it still did the job of making the both of us burst out in tears :( Javis didn’t cry which was weird because he cried during Brave. That Disney princess with the red hair? Yeah, he totally teared, lol.

Viv was lousy because she continued crying after the show. We went for supper round 2 and had super spicy frog porridge at Bukit Timah :) I got sent home first and reached home about 4 :) BY THEN I WAS SUPER HOT AND STICKY. As much as I love the look of that dress, the material is the worst :x

Yay, I was really happy and excited :) Viv kept laughing at me because it’s my first time… See, I’m a good girl :) If my mind does not fail me, it’s probably my first supper, hahaha!!!

 photo 954-tile_zpsd708c43d.jpg

I’ve concluded that Javis and I can go on group outings when Javis is completely comfortable. I don’t want to put Javis in a situation which he doesn’t know anybody and I like to be free like a butterfly at parties so unless it’s like a mutual friend thing, he probably won’t be a plus 1, haha.

I think the most surprising part for Javis was when he was looking at Vivian with judging eyes. She just reached her hand out and gave him a slap LOL. He was shocked that her arms can reach across the table and he couldn’t even dodge it ;)

I had loads of fun :D :D :D WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

p/s I have 3 2


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