May Favourites :D

Hee hee. Some of my friends have been waiting anxiously for this post!!! Here it is :) Some of the products are not new but products I have had for quite awhile but I forgot to add them to my April Favorites :( But it’s alright, I have my May favourites to add them in, hahaha. It’s the 8th of June and hopefully it’s not to late! I have been feeling really uninspired in taking photos lately :( That also explains that lack of photos on my Instagram. I just wasn’t feeling it :( But today I felt it and lets get started!!!

Now for the beauty favourites :) I am not a beauty kind of person so that explains that lack of them, haha.

First up is Scholl’s Cracked heel cream!! I’ve had it since February when Mandy gave it to me because she knows I need it, hahaha. Mandy is my go to person for this kind of things, haha. She has a bunch of miracles ;) I have cracked heels and I don’t like it because I see my mom’s heels and it can get really bad until it bleeds and impairs walking :( This baby here moisturizes and I don’t know, magically smooths the heel and removes the cracks!!! AFTER ONE NIGHT. Okay one night doesn’t turn your heels into baby butt skin but  it recovers it like 80%? Then you just put it on for several more nights :) It doesn’t prevent cracks but it heals them and they are amazing. It’s magic cream for the heels. Put them right before you go to bed so you won’t leave the cream on the floor when you are walking around!

 photo 985-tile_zpseea28ddc.jpg

I’ve had this product for really long too, haha. The bottle is 99% empty right now. It’s Wella’s straight leave in hair cream! :) Janelle brought me to this hair styling place back in poly year 3 called Modern Styling Studio located near Boon Keng mrt! They are amazing and I would have made them my permanent place to cut my hair if it wasn’t so far and I’d be lost if Janelle doesn’t walk me there :( And I am just lazy as well, lol. The hairstylist told me that my hair doesn’t suck, it just lacks moisture. And apply applying that, my hair does look hydrated and soft!!! I used to use it everyday then I got lazy and now I just use it for important occasions :) I need to restock this, omg. Waiting for Janelle to come back :)

So sometimes when you think your hair is just damaged and horrible, it could probably be dehydrated from all the hair washing and a little bit of this magic cream will transform your hair ;)

 photo 987-tile_zps98bf2e32.jpg

Favourite hair style of the month of May LOL: The twisty? LOL I do not know the name of this. I am someone who only tries trends after they went out of style. It is splitting your fringe into two parts (yes a center parting) then you take a section and you twist it upwards, towards the center line and you use a bobby pin to pin it in place. I’ve been tying my hair up like that whenever my fringe is just horrible.

 photo 135-tile_zps98c96d66.jpg

Non beauty favourites! I have tons! Haha! I don’t know if nail polishes are considered beauty of non beauty so whatever ;) That is not important!

Favourte nail polish brands: INNISFREE’S ECO NAIL POLISHES.

These are amazing. I love the packaging, it’s so cute, tiny and sleek. What I love and find special about their line of nail polishes is that they have giant fat brushes. When you are applying it, it can actually cover about 80-90% of my nails, with one swipe. Do you get it? Like nail polish brushes usually you have to paint it 2 to 3 times to cover the nail but this takes 1-1.5 swipes, lol. I have no idea how to explain it properly to you guys because I did not take a photo of the brush :( So I love the brush, good application and a cute bottle. I would not say it is cheap because despite it costing only $4 per bottle ($6 for top coats/base coats), it is only 7ml. My rainbow polishes costs $2 and it’s 16ml. If you do the math, it’s not that cheap.

 photo 983-tile_zps227257c0.jpg

Favourite nail polish colour of the month: This bluish purple colour, haha!! It’s just so pretty and I like it haha. I probably have over 20 Rainbow polishes now.

 photo 981-tile_zps98ce7c62.jpg


First up is baked potato chips cheese flavour by some Korean brand :D These are the bomb and this is the last packet. Opening it means losing it :( I do not know where my mom got them but the girls in my family love it. I’m sorry but I do not know how much it costs as well, haha.

 photo 979-tile_zps911ec3f8.jpg

Next is fish crackers!!! I found these in Giant for $2 (SUCH A HUGE PACKET). I’ll be happy if I end my life eating these because they are really really good. I have been loving these since I was a child and have never not like it, haha. I am eating them right now because talking about it makes me want to eat them!!! Fish crackers are really the best :cry: They win those prawn crackers by 10 times!!!

 photo 993-tile_zps59bf938b.jpg

Last of my food is The Natural Confectionary Fruity Chews!!! I got these at Vivocity’s Candy Empire and it was selling for $4.80(?). I love chewy food and these are addictive. The chewing does tire your mouth but it’s super good candy and I can take several in a day, just not consecutively, haha. As quoted by Javis, “It’s giant Frutella.” I think that’s the brand name if I remember correctly, haha. To add on to its amazing-ness, on every candy wrapper are two questions! It’s super cute and you can answer them while opening it, while you are chewing the sweet or ask a friend, haha. I love it!

 photo 996-tile_zpsde9fbc77.jpg

Fashion finds of the month:

The Denise tote by baglady!! It appeared during early May and I really wanted to get it but I didn’t want to spend my money :( And it’s called Denise, so obviously it is telling me to get it. I got it after a test and I have been loving it since. I am abusing this bag, lol. I has all the compartments I want and it goes along well with almost everything! Baglady has a physical store at Jem and that’s where I got my bag. Plus they had this 5% discount and I got it for about $27! :) Probably going to be favourite bag of the year, haha.

 photo 997-tile_zps0783a5b6.jpg

Favourite fashion: My sister’s denim skorts. I love that it’s denim. I love that it’s short but safe because there is a pair of shorts underneath. It is super comfortable; I cannot describe how comfortable it is I swear, lol. I have been pairing it with a white top or striped. I forgot if I tried it with a black basic yet, haha. I think my sister got it from Bugis ;) I have officially wore it more times than she has.

 photo 999-tile_zps373a4191.jpg

Favourite cap: New Era’s Dodger’s cap. This baby belongs to Javis and I usually can’t pull off caps. I think it was because of my fringe but now that my fringe has grew and it can be kept at the side, I can totally pull this off! Lol. Go to Instagram to see my cute face in this cap ;) You’ll probably faint ;) He lent it to be when he was in Brunei but for some reason I have not been able to pair this with my clothes so I’m going to keep it until I get to wear it out once, haha. I love it!

 photo 991-tile_zpse83089df.jpg

Favourite headphones of the month: Javis’ Sennheiser’s momentum :O He let me borrow it because he doesn’t want it to not be used for 3 weeks and unfortunately, I fell in love with it :( It blocks out everything. The sounds and everything are so clear. It makes bus rides the fastest bus rides :( This is an amazing pair of headphones I tell you and it costs about $400-$500. He got it at Marina Square. I have returned it to him :(

 photo 892-tile_zpsf4a98dfc.jpg

Favourite book of the month: NO DOUBT, ELEANOR AND PARK. I cannot stop stressing that I got this book just when it become popular in the states and not when it is absolutely mainstream now to get it because I like to be earlier than everyone ;) I bought it a few months ago like, I was so desperate for it, I ordered the hard cover copy (yeps, couldn’t wait for the paperback). I didn’t read it until recently because I knew I won’t stop and I had school and as predicted, I finished it in a day, in one sitting. It is so good. I love this kind of sappy romance stories and it is beautifully written by Rainbow. I feel satisfied with the ending as well. I have since gotten Fangirl (the ebook) and can’t wait to read it :) TMI has been put on hold, hahaha!

I just went to check when exactly did I order it and it’s on 16th November 2013 ;) I’m feeling proud!

 photo 989-tile_zps47ab900f.jpg

Favourite movie of the month: The Amazing Spiderman-2!!! Someone spoilt the movie for me on Twitter :x and I was so angry but I couldn’t do anything because I actually scolded that person once before for spoiling another show for me. I liked that show even when I didn’t catch TAS 1 (I just watched it a few days ago). The ending shocked me and I was in disbelief. Javis and I were, “How can this happen?” and we went all wikipedia on it, lol. Although I was totally expecting it, I was still expecting a happy ending.

Favourite music of the month:

Not a bad thing by Justin Timberlake. I LOVE IT. It was my jam and no matter how many times it was played on the radio in a day, I would sing along to it. It’s so sweet :cry: It’s about chasing somebody :D

Moonlight by EXO’s Baekhyun and D.O. I love it more than overdose, haha. Their voices are lovely and it’s about loving a someone who loves another person who doesn’t love her. I just heard the live version and it was far from amazing, haha but I love the choreography though :)

Favourite Youtuber: Grav3yardgirl. I love her!! especially “Does this thing really work?” series hahaha!!! She is not the prettiest make up guru around but she is funny and real. I like her :)

Tiny update: I have decided to give up on EXO. It’s just not the same without 12 and I am utterly disappointed with the way they handled the whole Kris thing. I’ve stopped watching their live performances, their reality shows, just everything, lol. I feel that their show XOXO is just about promoting themselves and the narrator constantly praises them and it’s annoying. I’m not saying I would avoid them totally but I’m going to treat them like Girls Generation and Super Junior.

p/s I only painted 1/3 of my nails okay. So it’s not that they grew out until the nail polish is left like that, lol. I AM NOT THAT LAZY.
p/p/s There is close to 2000 words in there and I am too lazy to grammar check them all so just live with it, thanks.
p/p/p/s I have noticed that people are reading the Isaac era of my posts, lol. WHO ARE YOU. I’m kidding, I fine with people digging up my past, lol. This doesn’t sound sincere for some reason.


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