Here is another tiny update from me :) Lol. I just felt like I need to.

  1. I’ve started on an anime series called Sword Art Online and it is amazing!!! It made me want to play multi player online games again! It reminded me of Auditionsea, like, I was so popular, that game was my life. I had people copying my name, people who were scared of my skills, people who were just following me around, being invited to popular rooms, lol. Now for some reason, all my SEA accounts are deleted so it’s good in a way LOL. I totally strayed from my actual point, didn’t I, lol. So SAO design is really good. I  love love those kind of games and it shows, how addicted you can get. As in, that game in the anime prevents the players from logging out but when you are playing those kind of games, I guess you don’t feel like logging out as well, haha. And I am totally in love with the romance inside although this suddenly sort of incest thing is bothering me. I have to say that the anime I watch are totally clean, lol. Although this crosses the line a little. If you watch it, you’d think I’m a loser for thinking this way, haha.
  2. I’m going to go Bali for 8 days! I know right, who goes to a beach resort for so long, haha. Well, it’s like this. Beach resorts are usually in Phuket, Krabi or Bali. Phuket and Krabi are in Thailand so that is totally out of the question because my parents would not let me near those places, lol. So Javis and I decided to book a trip to Bali because he has block leave and we can celebrate our 2nd year anniversary! :D So after booking it, my family + relatives (12 members) decided to go Bali as well(?!). And I don’t know why but the price  of one person with my family is $600 per person?! Not that it affects me because I am not paying but Javis and mine is only $34o each?! Lol.

    I’m flying this Friday, 20th to 23rd and on the 24th, I’m flying again :) I’m so excited for this experience because it’s like, WHO DOES THIS? Going back to the same country in less than 24 hours.

    Another thing to add on to the excitement is that Serena will be there AND Yuanyi and her boyfriend are going to go Bali too; same days; SAME FLIGHT TO BALI. I can’t wait?! Lol. It’s going to feel like Singapore with my favourite people :) I can’t wait!

  3. Yijun got me this bag from Cambodia and when I saw it, I was, “I’m bringing it to Bali.”
  4. BTS is making me feeling picking up dance again, lol
  5. I’ve decided to let Instagram stop running my life in little ways. I used to be “I can’t pick this other filter or it will ruin my feed.”, “Not going to post faces because my feed is about food.” and I found that because of all these little things, it’s preventing me from actually sharing my (super duper) awesome life just because they “don’t fit”. Instagram is just like a blog, I guess :) Unless you are making money out of it, I suggest to stop letting these stupid things run you because if you do, you’ll be affected over dumb things like “why is nobody liking my photos.”ARE YOU TAKING PHOTOS FOR PEOPLE OR FOR YOURSELF. Of course, I’ll still post pretty photos because I can and I like it, haha. I pity the people who have totally white or a particular theme in their Instagram and they can’t post photos of the things they eat or what they do because “it doesn’t have a white background.” It’s damn sad?! I don’t think I went that far, lol.
  6. The wind is blowing like crazy and I am a loser being out here in the living room alone. Goodnight ;) I’ll think of what else to update, haha.

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