Bali tips!

Before I transfer my Bali photos from the dslr, edit them and upload them onto photobucket, I shall provide some tips on what I learned from my Bali trip first :) I spent about 8 days in Bali; the first half with my family and the second half with Javis <3 I did totally different things for the two parts and had different experiences! Here are some!

Do not change money at “authorized” money changers.

This was the worst shit that happened on the second half. I was depressed and blaming myself for a good 30 minutes. The first half was with my parents so I brought $0 LOL. I was intending to change about $30 to buy things for my friends but I forgot so in the end, my parents and relatives paid/gave me money 8-)

The second half it was only Javis and I and we were bein’ all independent, haha. Normal exchange rates are SGD1 = Rp9700. We actually found one that is Rp9995 (?!) We thought it was like the best deal ever and just went straight for it. It was kind of shady like they are selling clothes AND changing money. We changed SGD$450 and for some reason, the man kept asking Javis and I to change separately. Maybe because he wants to cheat us of more money???? So instead of giving us Rp. 10 000 notes, he made it smaller and gave us Rp 50 000. So we had 4, 500, 000 OF 50, 000 NOTES. Can you imagine what a big stack that was?! So he had us count the money and then he took it back to count it again.

We actually only discovered we got cheated on the 3rd day because we were supposed to have about SGD200 left but we only had SGD65?! SGD40 for airport tax and SGD15 for taxi (rough gauge. It was only SGD8, hahaha). We couldn’t carry on with our plans on the 3rd day and I was being all annoyed so I went to read up on “money changers in Bali”. THEY ARE SUPPOSEDLY DAMN FAMOUS FOR CHEATING YOUR MONEY.

  1. They give small notes so it is harder to keep track of the amount of notes you have
  2. They make you and themselves count the money multiple times
  3. They will handle the money LAST
  4. They distract you with small talk like talking about their “side business”
  5. Two people is harder to con so they try to do it one by one.
  6. While they are counting for the last time, they’ll drop the money while counting onto the floor. Their counter tops are usually quite high and they hold it close to their belly. Javis and I aren’t exactly the tallest.

I love this line by a website, “if it’s too good to be true, it’s not true.”

Please change your money at authorized money changers. They have no side businesses and just look like a legit safe place to change your money. More expensive but you’d probably lose a few dollars than losing hundreds.

Despite my positivity, Javis was actually way better at handling this. He tried to tell me what’s done it’s done, not like we can get our money back, expensive lesson but we learned. I have learned tons of things on my first trip alone without my family :) Plus I’m so thankful for Yuanyi and Yangzhan because they craved our company so much, they actually treated us everything on Day 3 and gave us some money just in case. Javis and I were just planning to stay in our villa and watch movies and eat cereal and snacks but I know Javis really wanted to spend our last day more productively.

Day 3 would be just alright but YY and YZ actually pulled us to one of the most expensive beach clubs in Bali?! We had to go through 3 securitychecks. I had 3 king prawns for SGD24, atomic punch for SGD14, YZ had two rounds of steak for SGD60, Javis and YY’s food and drinks. Plus we had a really cool place to sit and they charge SGD50 if you are not on the list. Yuanyi just had too much money I think? LOL. The totally came up to about over SGD200. We went to drink and it was about SGD80. Alcohol in Bali is freaking cheap so can you imagine how much we had?! I’ll talk about that later, lol. Plus, they paid for our cab ride to and fro.

Perks of having sociable friends; having rich friends; actually just having like, lots of close friends so the chances are higher that you’ll meet them in Bali hahaha! I actually had 3 friends in Bali at the same time with me :) I’m kidding okay!!! Meet nice and good friends because they are the ones who will help you when you are in need :)

On a different page, Javis and I had our first double date! A pretty memorable one because it is in Bali and Javis likes YY and YZ :D Do you know how hard it is for Javis to actually like people, hahaha.

Always remember to save rp 2o0, 000 per person for airport tax when you leave because they will charge you for it and if you have no money, I dare not think of the consequences.

Kuta is the best place for cheap food, hair braiding massages, drinks and shopping.

First half I stayed in Hotel Terrace at Kuta which is a super awesome hotel. Not the best of the best but everything works and sometimes, that’s just what you need. There is a heater, the aircon is good, there is wifi, I would definitely go back there. Many food places have no service charge or GST and it is super cheap. Like, seafood pasta can only cost you SGD5. With lots of prawns and calamari and clams. I also had my favourite fried prawns in sweet and sour sauce with rice for only SGD5.80. There were approximately 10 prawns and they are not the tiny kind. Super fresh and good!

Milkshakes are only SGD2. Milkshakes in Singapore are a freaking $8. Like, what the hell Singapore.

There are some restaurants that charge you tax and service charge and it’s about 25% more on top of the price of food so be careful!

Leg massages are SGD6.50, full body massage is SGD7.50, CLASSIC pedicure is SGD9.50 with the foot scrub and all. Fish spa is SGD5 for 15 minutes.

If you want some peace and quiet away from the city, pick The Widyas Luxury Villa :)

It super quiet and service is extremely good. Even better than HT, I feel. Everything is clean and you get your own private pool! One night is only SGD90, haha.


Try to only sit Blue Bird Group taxis. These are the only taxis with meters and the others, you have to bargain and it’s usually way more expensive than BB.

It’s about 30 minutes from Widyas to Kuta but cabs are freaking cheap there. Their meter increases by a few cents; a 30 minute cab ride is only about SGD5 to SGD7 WITH traffic. If it’s more the uncles probably know you are a foreigner and wants to make more money so they will take a longer route but it’s not going to be much.

However, some BB taxis are just bloody annoying. The four of us walked out of the super expensive beach club so they probably know we can afford things so he turned off his meter and charged us SGD10 when it’s probably only about SGD5 to get to our destination.

And after the drinks, Javis went to get a cab for us back to the villa and the BB taxi turned off his meter as well and charged us SGD15 for what was supposedly just a SGD6 cab ride?! They said it’s a midnight charge?! I’m not sure if that’s true.

All the ways to sap us foreigners :x

If you want to try drinking, do it in Bali because it’s so cheap, haha.

One shot is about SGD3 to SGD4.50. The shot I was the most impressed with was Sambuca. YY’s boyfriend has no self control over alcohol. He was like going crazy?! Lol. He told Javis on day 3, “I don’t mind paying for you as long as you drink with me” LOL. He introduced us to sambuca, which is this shot that you have to set on fire first, then you collect the smoke and once you down the shot, you suck in the smoke, lol. I’m just really impressed with the steps.

I am going to end here! There are more but it’s a really long post already :) Missed you all!


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