20 facts of about my relationship!

Happy 2 years to Javis and me!!!! :D

I’ve decided to do something like this to make this post like way more fun than just a passage of our love, haha. Plus you get to find out more about us 8-)

  1. Javis hasn’t called me by my name yet and he has never been able to call it. Not even when we were friends, lol. Recently he calls me Love (on good days) and Roundy (on evil days).
  2. We have yet to hold hands or have any physical things going on except getting slaps when we are around our friends. IS CALLED SPARING A THOUGHT FOR THE SINGLE FRIENDS OKAY. Plus it’s awkward for me when my friends start holding hands so like, I’m officially a third party now? Lol.
  3. We used to fight A LOT. Fights dropped by 99% LOL.
  4. We have not use to words “break up” like playfully or angrily, lol.
  5. This relationship feels so different for me. It feels like we are going to stay together forever :)
  6. I will be teased by Javis if I use Singlish while we are conversing, lol. He doesn’t like it. Like, so handsome?!?!
  7. Javis has an accent and I love it <3
  8. He blackmails me with his sad face :( So far, only I have been able to see it hahaha!
  9. It took 3 weeks for us to finally hold hands because he felt like we needed a special way to lead to holding hands but I was just “what is taking him so long.” so I just grabbed his hand. If you want things to happen, take it in your own hands.
  10. We created several hand holding styles. One is the doraemon hand. Is having both of your hands in a fist and just link it? I don’t know if I explained it right hahaha. It is invented from when he said something and I just closed up my hands so he can’t hold it! Javis just followed suit and the Doraemon hand is created hahaha. We have a lego hand too that we just created a month ago. It’s putting your hands in a C shape and just linking them up hahahaha!!!!!!
  11. Javis is actually cute instead of cool and I guess from this relationship Javis’ friends actually knows more about him, haha. Javis is a really private person and I’m happy I’m the only one who got all the way in :)
  12. Both of us are extroverts and we thrive around friends and make them easily. Javis is just bad with girls, haha.
  13. Javis has only eaten beef on about 3 occasions for two years because he knows if he orders beef, he will not be able to share it with me :)
  14. When we notice the other person is cold, we’d say, “Aw, someone is Coldilocks and the three bears???” Javis created that. I know right?! Lol. Unbelievable.
  15. Javis almost never gives me his jacket because he gets colder way easier than I am :P
  16. Our birthdays are just 3 weeks apart ;)
  17. Both of us has met each others’ families and extended ones :)
  18. He is Christian and I’m a Buddhist but we are not super strong in our beliefs so all the highly religious people should just shhhhhhhhh!!! Plus his father is a Christian and his mother is a Buddhist ;) We are just walking the same path :) It’s nice to have religious talks and not having to worry about crossing the line and you can have knowledge for both religion? Plus what is better than one God? That is two Gods :P When one of us has something important to next day, we’d say “I pray to Buddha and you pray to Jesus okay!” Lol. Sorry if I offended anyone.
  19. He’s the perfect boyfriend anyone can have :) He is pretty, loves Westlife and meaningful songs instead of mainstream ones. He hates JB, SG, TS and other singers that have no talent (I am just a loser and I love mainstream songs, haha!) He is sentimental; he keeps the receipts of our dates and writes stuff behind it :) well to do (lets be honest. Money gets in the way sometimes so it’s good we are both financially stable), kind, street smart, humble :) The list goes on, haha.
  20. He asked me to be his girlfriend with 3 huge corrugated boards and on it is “I know this is crazy and I am not good with words but will you be my girlfriend?” It took him 15 minutes to show me the boards because he was so nervous!!! I wasn’t expecting 1st of July would be the day. Behind the boards was a sunflower too :) The original plan was buying a big and small sunflower so if I say yes I’d take the pig sunflower and if I reject him I pick the small sunflower so I can still have something to bring home, haha. But he only managed to buy one! Haha! That’s how our sunflower tradition started and I told my parents I got a boyfriend on the day itself :) It’s nice to be perfectly open about it.

It feels like I went a little off track and it became a bit of Javis’ facts and how I feel, hahaha. I am lazy to reorganize this list.

It’s a scheduled post and I’m probably working now! :) Spreading the love around :)

Another thing I want to note is that the two friends that sees and knows the most about how Javis and I act around each other is probably Vivian and Kenny! They prob saw about 20% of it and that’s already a lot hahaha! Huge achievement!!! Javis is super comfortable around them that on Saturday night when we had another late night out, we went to play pool and had to buy drinks. I ran to the counter and Javis opened his arms but I just ran to Vivian’s side and he said “I thought you were going to run into my arms man.” Lol………………… Viv just burst out laughing. Yeps ;)

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