Shots and more shots

Bali in a few pictures :)

 photo 10518651_10202989916727901_5229119405831167754_n_zps96e127dc.jpg
We had the entire row to ourselves!!!

 photo 10430854_10202989951288765_6221478474393134940_n_zpsa623bb44.jpg
Parting ways before meeting again :(

 photo 10353091_10203050553963794_6406135554646428159_n_zpsb2c42223.jpg

 photo 10513242_10203050556443856_2981068179192197232_n_zps4d7dabd6.jpg

 photo 10486666_10203050554003795_8880103920555647840_n_zps1c0ee8cf.jpg

 photo 10502336_10203050608045146_8930114331653422845_n_zps1550fbb3.jpg
Dinner date on the second day! :D

 photo 67711_10203050609645186_3838959498029418435_n_zps07991535.jpg
The ultimate shooters bar/pub, I don’t know hahaha!

 photo 10463001_10203051138578409_2246880808078033522_n_zps158f13b0.jpg
The third day at Potato Head! The super atas place I talked about in my previous Bali post :)

 photo 10455457_10203051189979694_1881907558473244334_n_zps3703269c.jpg
Realized that NOT holding hands in front of friends is not a fact anymore, omg. I saved the crop top I bought from Bangkok for overseas because I only realized it’s super cropped (my entire stomach is exposed) after trying it on in Singapore and LOL I JUST CAN’T LET MYSELF WEAR IT IN THIS COUNTRY. In Bali, the Australians were just wearing bikinis everywhere so I felt unnoticed hee hee.

 photo 10354239_10203051224060546_4173563950285826216_n_zps19844bbf.jpg
Back to the Ultimate Shooters and the girl bartender remembered us so Yuanyi and I were greeted western style with the cheek thing?! We went crazy because it was our last night. WE STAYED UNTIL IT CLOSED WTS. I pushed myself over my limit because I had no idea where my limit was until that night I thought that it was a cheap way to find out LOL plus I was in good hands! I was so aware I was high and decided to stop. YUANYI STILL ASKED ME TO PLAY POOL?!?! It took 4 sambuca shots, 2 tequila shots, 2 shots of gin with coke and 1 shot of Jack Daniels with coke to hit the limit. Javis had this additional flaming Lamborghini which I thought was horrible to drink because you had to drink it when it is on fire?! And my face didn’t turn red at all which was amazing? Lol. Yangzhan was going crazy please. He had more than what we all had, flaming waterfall and flaming lamborghini…

So the picture was taken because it was our last night and the pub is moving to a place with more traffic! So this Australian came into the picture because he said that all our picture lacked is a white person, lol. The other three Balinese were the bartenders :) Javis and I couldn’t conclude if I was just high because I remembered everything from what happened to what I was feeling OR I was drunk because I vomited and felt so horrible the next day.


I still had fun :) Nothing will ever replace the experiences! :D


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