I felt like I was on a giraffe.

 photo IMG_2907_zps93a1f818.jpg

 photo IMG_2914-tile_zps26ab791a.jpg

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 photo IMG_2972_zps47c7125f.jpg

 photo IMG_2976_zps8a07f109.jpg

 photo IMG_2978_zps691d8c32.jpg

 photo IMG_2985_zps72a59a2f.jpg

 photo IMG_2987_zpscbbc094c.jpg

 photo IMG_2992_zps8d906fb6.jpg

 photo IMG_3006_zpsbd803231.jpg

 photo IMG_3007_zps7ee98c38.jpg

 photo IMG_3009_zps8a803081.jpg

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 photo IMG_3043_zpsf54a0130.jpg

 photo IMG_3047_zps79543fa9.jpg

 photo IMG_3050_zps9566568a.jpg

 photo IMG_3052_zpse3ef2fbc.jpg

 photo IMG_3056_zps373c112c.jpg

 photo IMG_3057_zpsa023cd77.jpg

 photo IMG_3066_zpsd3eeada9.jpg

 photo IMG_3069_zps0b76a708.jpg

 photo IMG_3072_zps4e561cb4.jpg

 photo IMG_3074_zps98f2d167.jpg

 photo IMG_3075_zps86993cb3.jpg

 photo IMG_3079_zpsbe36e9b4.jpg

 photo IMG_3081_zpscd791ed0.jpg

 photo IMG_3082_zps60d6609d.jpg

 photo IMG_3087_zps1fd09a6d.jpg

 photo IMG_3092_zps37e762e2.jpg

 photo IMG_3095_zps36d75e80.jpg

 photo IMG_3104_zpsa80e50b4.jpg

 photo IMG_3122_zps1b9bfe15.jpg

 photo IMG_3136-tile_zps28ee5c20.jpg

 photo IMG_3141-tile_zpsd3e7e431.jpg

 photo IMG_3147_zpsf6b3cada.jpg

 photo IMG_3150_zps776fcde4.jpg

 photo IMG_3155-tile_zpsbdc25799.jpg

 photo IMG_3162_zps45932cb4.jpg

 photo IMG_3167_zpsf559e01d.jpg

This group is super awesome because we are made up of many different connections!!! :)

  • Javis and I are together (hee hee lol like not obvious enough wth)
  • Javis and Kenny are commando BFFs (only in Kenny’s mind)
  • Kenny and Vivian are super good friends
  • Kenny, Vivian and Janelle are from the same secondary school
  • Javis, Vivian, Janelle and I are from PCS woooooo
  • Janelle and Vivian were classmates!
  • Janelle and Kenny were sec school classmates
  • Janelle and I are internship buddies
  • Vivian and I are RWS people 8-)
  • Dungeon hunters!!

That’s all the connections I can think of hahaha.

All of us made food :) I made potato salad, Vivian and Kenny made tuna wraps, Janelle made apple crumble and Javis made oatmeal raisin cookies :D

And my dslr finally managed to take pretty people shots!!! :) I never had the courage to take my dslr and do portraits because I think I take humans really badly??? Plus I take photos of inanimate objects a lot better, haha. I managed to do some sports photography with my shutter priority mode! I usually stick with aperture mode because I never had to take moving objects but now with the new mode mastered, a fast ball can look stationery ;)

I found out that you can’t really pose with feelings. Candids are like, the shot of the moment. You take the photo when the emotions are raw. That’s the Vivian pinching Kenny photo :) Vivian was forcing him to look at her with a happy face and snap.

So much raw emotions in these photos. I LOVE IT LOL.

Javis must be the only person to take jump shots with a straight face.

This is taken with my new lens I bought at the PC show :D It was such a steal and I had to get it. Prime lenses are nothing to me now, lol.


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