“I can smell it from the screen.”

I’ve since started school and it has been lovely. Our lecture row expanded from 3 people to 5. Another two more girls from PCS joined UOW and we had this 15 minute gathering at block B. I missed everyone. Had my first tutorial today and I love it. Tutorials are usually boring but we got this super cute (old cute, I mean) tutor so the class had this really pleasant feeling. I’ll be looking forward to this particular tutorial every week.

Met up with Serena a few days ago and I missed her so much. We went to her house to rot and it’s my favourite rotting place. We did pilates, watched Return of Superman and tons of recipe videos that made us go, “omg I can smell it. omg omg omg.” We are going to cook salmon again some day!

Yesterday, I had my date with Nadhirah! We were on a mission to get Liting’s present actually but we sort of strayed because I wanted to get something. I fasted with her because I couldn’t have her wait for me to eat my lunch. So you are supposed to eat before the sun rises but I stay too near to SIM to wake up and eat when it is still dark, lol. So I ate at 7.30am. The thing is, I forgot to drink water and I was so parched but I controlled myself!! We got the thing I wanted and now it’s well loved by uni friends. It is kind of pricey so.. remember that I am broke and my reason for buying it is really stupid. However, up till now, it has been proving itself worthy! I love it!!! I’ll slowly let you guys know what it is. Nad was like, “You should get it now, so when it becomes a trend, we would be over it already.” LOL. Yeah, IF it becomes a trend. Got Liting’s present, had some deep talks a long the way and we went home! I went home feeling satisfied and happy. Thank you, Nadhirah <3 Study together soon!!

Spent last night and tonight with Javis because he had one nights out and he booked out today! All the mini dates taken away because he had to book out on Saturday are all coming back now.

I’m using my computer on my bed just ‘cos I can do it now. SUCH LONG BATTERY LIFE. I love you.


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