Favourite fictional…

1. Favorite fictional couple? Dan and Serena. Everybody talks about Chair but they had to struggle to find each other too?? Actually, I have lots of favourite fictional couples..

2. Favorite fictional character? Joey

3. Favorite fictional TV show? Friends, omg.

4. Favorite fictional movie? This is annoying, I can’t think of favourite anything at the moment—The Lion King.

5. Favorite fictional villain? Ice King from Adventure Time.

6. Favorite fictional hero? Kirito from SAO.

7. Favorite fictional pet? GAUNTER FROM ADVENTURE TIME! Cutest penguin oh god.

8. Favorite fictional setting/universe? Adventure Time’s Candy Kingdom! I wanted Sword Art Online’s world then I remembered I’ll probably die in there.

9. Least favorite fictional couple? Wolverine and Jean Grey. Jean is supposed to love Scott.

10. Least favorite fictional character? Lemon Grab from Adventure Time. It annoys me everytime he screams.

11. Least favorite fictional TV show? I can’t think of anything because if I don’t like it why would I watch it.

12. Least favorite fictional movie? At the moment, is Transformers: Age of Extinction.

13. Least favorite fictional villain? Nobuyuki Sugo :x

14. Least favorite fictional hero? Tohru Honda. As much I adore her, she really is too good to be true.

15. Least favorite fictional pet? Can’t think of any. Annoying cats, I guess.

16. Least favorite fictional setting/universe? SAO.

All these talk about SAO has reminded me that I have yet to watch episode 3!!! Super. Excited.

So to list some of my favourite couples, they are: Cheon Songyi and Do Minjoon, Finn and Princess Bubblegum, Kirito and Asuna, Tohru and Yuki, Misaki and Takumi I HAVE SO MUCH MORE but I shall spare you.


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