I’m thankful for so many things this week.

  • Got Microsoft Office for Mac from Glenn so I managed to save a lot of money! He gave me some other useful apps too. So the entire week he was “I feel like you are using me.” when just the other day, I talked to his cousin (because he doesn’t want to be the in-between) and got her a job?! Plus he can come to me for anything -psst- wide network.
  • Studied with Nadhirah and it was the most productive study session I ever had. I’m an auditory learner so writing down notes does nothing to me. We went through many lectures by talking and discussing about it!
  • I passed my driving! No more travelling 40 minutes to Bukit Gombak! When I started to drive I realized I forgot to put on my seat belt.. I was even more sure I have another immediate fail. Plus, the traffic police didn’t test the emergency break so when we went onto the road, I was so sure it’s an immediate fail because maybe I didn’t hear him tapping the dashboard? I thought it was compulsory for them to test it. It was all over in 15 minutes and I was preparing myself for heartbreak, disappointment and telling my mom I need another $200 for the next test. The next thing I know, he threw the paper to me and said, “Denise, you passed.” and I didn’t hear anything after those words except I have to pay $50 for my licence. The words by my favourite instructor helped a lot. I kept repeating those words, “The traffic police doesn’t fail you, you fail yourself.” So even if I were to fail, I know it’s because of me and not because the traffic police is having a bad day.
  • Everybody returned the money they owed me on time. Okay wait, there’s still Jianxiong..
  • Kangling was super sweet to treat me to dinner woo. To celebrate me getting my licence. We are two cool drivers now. Plus we had this long talk that beat so many talks I’ve had.
  • Janelle and I are standing on the same maturity level about friends.
  • Thankful that Kenny can drive and has his own car so the dungeon hunters can go everywhere and anywhere, in the middle of the night and still reach home safe.
  • Always always thankful for Javis. Although he was the only person I told when my driving test was, and he totally forgot about it, he felt super proud because he has a driver girlfriend now and said, “That’s my girl!” <3
  • Having super awesome tutors this semester and I am so glad. Lecture time with the PCS girls makes my life even better as well.
  • With only two days of school a week, I’ll get to sleep, hopefully work more and do anything I want.
  • My super long fringe that I can comb up with my hands, let it fall however it wants and I’m still a goddess, guys 8-)

Goodnight! Denise sleeps at 10 plus now because lecture starts at 8.30! It’s a love hate relationship for sleeping in. It feels good but you know you have done nothing productive and it just sucks but I know it’s the most wonderful feeling in the world to have no alarm and just rot until you are one with the bed and blankets


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