Turkey ham wrap with cheese.

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The father, sister and I went out for breakfast at Zion Riverside food centre this morning at about 9am. I needed to get something from Great World City really badly. Psst, Kaiyan, you know what it is. It’s an upcoming project in memory of someone.

Came home and my mom got really excited to make wraps and my sister, who has a bottomless pit for a stomach,  started making some.

I would have definitely enjoyed it more if it was chicken breast instead of turkey ham and if the cheese was melted. Denise does not partake in such healthy activities even though she totally should.

I have so much in my mind I want to blog about. I would have tons of thought vomits if the mobile app of WordPress allows me to toggle my publicize settings. Hmm, I guess I shall start now and schedule them for the next few days.

It’s 2 assignments and a quiz due this week!!! I can do this!

Just came back from a party and it’s one of the intimate kinds which I guess I kind of like? I went to one in February and I only said 2 sentences to the host because she had too many friends over! So, it’s a house party. Waiyee and me did up the party decorations and the guest book with Minjia’s mom, who is a joy to be with. I love her kind of humour. I miss secondary school so much afterwards. Most of us only left at 11.20. According to Waiyee, I think we left at 11.30-11.40.

I’ll have an intimate house party one day. I’ll DIY all the decorations and make the food. Goodnight everyone.


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