Favourite songs at the moment.

Here are some of the songs I have been obsessed with in August. For me, because life throws me sweets, I try to find sadness in things like music, tv shows and books. Seems disturbing and weird but when life gives you candy all the time, you sort of want to taste the lemons and there are little ways to taste lemons. Of course, I enjoy the sweets as well. Okay okay, I need to rephrase. It’s not that life throws me candy all the time, I get lemons too but I turn them into lemon sweets!

The first song is Rude by MAGIC!.

I think it’s super cute and sweet. Love that has been denied by parents but both of them are still going to marry each other anyway. A friend cried really badly while listening to this song and that’s the sadness I feel in Rude. This is on repeat right now because Keegan kept singing it at the party and it got me hooked. It is catchy.

This is I  Like That by Before You Exit.

It’s a band of three brothers and they are amazing. The youngest brother is born in 1998 and people have to stop judging people who are out in this industry at this age. They are making even more money than you without even finishing high school?! Even if they are famous for their faces, not like they chose not to be good looking. Thankful to Nadhirah for the introduction. I love their music. I’m not only an all rounder in tv shows, I’m an all rounder in music as well, -flips hair. Just because you are into indie doesn’t mean you have to hate mainstream songs. Okay this is getting out of topic.

This song is about the chase in a relationship. It’s about confessing and just loving everything about them! It super sweet and cute! For reasons, my phone keeps shuffling to this song after every maybe 2 or 3 songs. Lucky me.

Another favourite song from Before You Exit, Soldier!

It’s about being there for you through the tough times. I was so addicted to it I think it was on repeat for about a week. It was madness.

错的人 by Elva.

For the people who was blinded by love. You knew that loving that person was wrong; you got hurt repeatedly but you still held on to that hope that he/she is the one. A friend sang this song with so much emotions because she went through it. Songs help me feel what people feel.

想听的话 by 石欣卉 and 王建复.

This song is just soothing and sad. It reminds me of dance because the seniors danced to a track from this album. A friend cried while while listening to this song too.

I tried my best to shorten it because if there is too much, it would not be as exclusive as it should be.  New and old songs for everyone!


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