2 topics.

2 relationship problems that has so many facets you can look at it from different points so here are some of my views. Er, if you disagree it’s alright because like I said, there are a lot of ways to look at it.

Patching after a break up.

I’m the kind that believe a break up is break up. There is no turning back. I fight for my relationships but just for the first few days or weeks. Then, I know I deserve better and shouldn’t be grovelling at some guy’s feet to take me back. Lol, the most annoying part about couples who does this is they count their monthsaries like the parts where they are on a break are counted. I have this friend who said, “We are together for two years but if you count all the break ups, it’s probably only about 1.5 years.” I like it, it’s honest. But okay, I get that you can’t say that to everyone you meet, like, he probably told me that because we are close. All these little things count to me so a break up just ruins the timeline, the whole thing. It’s such a mess. If a break up is decided by one party then what is the point of turning back. I’ve heard of cases where a couple broke up and got back together but they started timing on the day they got back together. That’s courage I think, lol.

On the other hand, it is a waste of the time you two had together but hmmmm, it is courage. Okay, I don’t have a say in other people’s relationships, lol.


Going to take the unpopular stand and say that cheating involves all 3 people and that the couple has a lot to be blamed. So A, B and C okay. The letters are unisex. A and B are together and C comes in between. I know this story where C and B started to like each other and C was feeling bad about all the feelings but B was like, “If A and me didn,’t have cracks, you wouldn’t have been able to come in even if you tried.” When I heard it I was, “that is so cool (and true).” Then A will blame C but probably A isn’t that good as a partner or B wouldn’t have went to C right? But it’s normal to hate C. C shouldn’t even make any moves and it’s only normal for all the hate to be on C because A loves B and it’s impossible to hate B. B is also at fault too, duh. How can you give into the temptation??? If B didn’t do anything do you think C would want to be with B? It takes both hands to clap man. So this whole thing is a push and pull effect. A’s effort in the relationship pushed B and C was pulling B so according to physics (?) B will go to C. Then A realizes the presence of C and starts to pull but it’s too late. Well, yeah, A pushed B but usually, A isn’t aware that they are pushing B and it sometimes, takes a break up to know that. I’ve seen miracles happen, though.

I’ve never been cheated on but I’ve heard stories and watched tons of tv! In American sitcoms, everybody cheats on everybody.

This brings me to dramas. Lets take Fated To Love You for example (super good Taiwan drama that I have loved to death). Xin Yi is actually the third party instead of Anna so why is everybody rooting for Xin Yi and Cun Xi to be together? Everybody keeps blaming Anna for coming in between but helloooooo, it’s Cun Xi’s fault? But the producers made the whole story in a way that you cannot blame Cun Xi and Xin Yi for discovering each other. However, Xin Yi and Cun Xi were like the best couple in the history of Taiwan dramas (just exaggerating I have so many other favourite couples) so B discovering C is not such a bad thing too. Oddly, as much as people hate it, sometimes, C is the true love. Anna keeps dancing and forgets about Cun Xi so Anna isn’t exactly a victim. Hmm, now that I look at it, B is probably more of a victim. Okay all three are victims. Anna reflected but why does she need Xin Yi’s presence to wake up? Low self awareness?

I’m a loser who sits on the fense, okay.

This for you to read and get a new perspective. I love reading new perspectives because it makes everything fairer and yeah, I don’t stand on sides. This leads me to another story that I will share soon.


2 thoughts on “2 topics.

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