It has to be meaningful

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Isn’t this the cutest tissue pack cover?! I like tissue pack covers because they make me want to bring tissues out more and I am such a man when it comes to bringing tissues that I don’t bring them out at all. I got my first one at Yaxun’s internship place when Janelle and I went to visit her! I had this white one with gold at the rims of the opening. It’s made by the elderly and it’s super pretty! So I don’t only love it but it’s meaningful.

And I lost it.

I was so sad but then I got over it because life is just going to move on whether or not you get through it so might as well get through it (I don’t know how it just turn into a life quote). So my next tissue pack cover will be full of meaning as well and it must be perfect just like the old one!

Javis and I was at Westgate yesterday and they had this fair where the people with disabilities and low income people come together and sell their things. Mostly handmade. It’s always more costly than anywhere else but it’s definitely worth it. This couple had this range of tissue pack covers like “Choped” and others that I have forgot but it is those singlish slangs for “reserved” because there was a time when using tissue packets to reserve seats at the hawker centres was popular. It occurs lesser now but I believe that there are still people who do that. In one way you can say they are selfish but in another way, it is a way of making sure you have a seat for lunch. Majority of Singaporeans like to make sure of everything, feel secure. It’s either black or white. No gray lines (will that seat still be empty when I get back?) because it annoys the shit out of us.

Okay, to continue to story, this other table is also selling tissue packets but not as witty as these covers and it’s by this girl with disabilities. Another thing is I don’t think doing things out of sympathy is very nice. You don’t do it ‘cos you want to help but more of that sight makes your heart ache which is wrong, to me. They are trying to do business so what makes them any different. I try not to do things out of sympathy but of course there are exceptions. So I told myself that I am not going to buy the tissue pack cover from that girl out of sympathy but get something I want. It’s like, shopping at an actual store; comparing clothes from Cotton On and H&M.

I got a rabbit rubber band from that girl though because I’ve always wanted one and the other stores aren’t carrying it so yay! Notice that it is not out of charity. You don’t buy from Cotton On for charity.

Charity is fine but not for businesses. I buy tissues from the elderly only if I run out of tissues, lol. If I do it out of sympathy then I, myself can open a tissue business.


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