After us.

I just had to post this up, haha. Wongfu is super underrated (they only have 2 million subscribers?!?!?!). They make amazing short drama series and I love everything from the message of the video, the videography, the voices.. I have loved them since I saw Strangers, Again (it’s another godly video about the stages of a relationship). I really wish they they will make it big in this world because really, more people should take notice of them.

This is the stages after a break up. It’s so relatable, lol. I would say I am not as lucky to have been a dump-er. I was always the dump-ee. I took both relationships I had in the past really seriously so when the break ups happened, it really feels like someone tore out your heart and you would rather die. You wish the sun doesn’t rise so you don’t have to get up and face everything. It’s a very bad pain. Not the worst pain in the world, but really painful.

I have friends who are lucky to never suffered a heart break but it’s what you learnt the most from. I actually feel sorry for them (okay so they aren’t really lucky) because break ups are really what help you grow and wise up. Knowing that the first person you love isn’t actually the one you are going to end up with, that you can do so much better, learn from the mistakes and be even better in the next relationship.

I have lots of confidence that I won’t be experiencing a break up again. Although, I know that life is unpredictable. If it is predictable, we wouldn’t be growing as a person, would we?

I’m a Victoria Park fan now.


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