Roses for Mandy Faith.

Talked a lot of shit while eating Macs until 12.30am with Zhenliang. I had coke and just washed my hair so that means I can’t sleep right away and I am fine with that.

I actually took these pictures and edited them quite awhile ago but I didn’t want to do anything with photos hoots for this particular period. It wasn’t anything major, I just didn’t felt like doing it and I don’t force myself to do things I am unhappy with. That’s right. Walk away from anything that makes you unhappy.

I bought these flowers to commemorate Mandy Faith. She takes some of the best photos I’ve ever seen and I have never felt more inspired by anyone but her. Every time I visit her blog, it’s a wave of excitement for my next photo shoot and new ideas form. I don’t feel jealous of her nor envy, just, I really want to hang out with her someday kind of a feeling. Jenny Sun makes me demoralise but Mandy, she lets me know that I can do it as well as her. She gives tutorials and photography tips selflessly and I’ve never found her advertorials annoying. I’ve been following her since 2012. I forgot how I discovered her, actually. She is from Malaysia and is either 1-2 years younger or older than I am or the same age. I can totally picture us being friends.

So the sad fate is that she passed away in February this year from the Winter flu bug and when Mandy (my Mandy) told me over brunch, I was in total. Shock. Like okay, “I was just scrolling past her Instagram a few days ago.” I couldn’t accept it. I couldn’t accept I didn’t even comment once on any of the photos to tell her how lovely her photos are, how much she inspires me and how much I would like to meet her.

So I wrote this super long comment about how I felt towards her and everything on a random photo so the chances of one reading it is lower. It took me awhile to accept that I won’t see new posts on her blog or on her Instagram forever.

She had this post where she got a bunch of pink roses so when I saw this shopping selling them, I knew I had to get at least one, take photos of it and do this post about her. She taught me the wonders of Photoshop and I have created so many wonderful pictures. I wish I had let her know that.

IMG_4564 copy

IMG_4575 copy

IMG_4576 copy

IMG_4580 copy

IMG_4591 copy

IMG_4592 copy

IMG_4601 copy

I like to think that she’s taken away because she has done more than enough on this Earth. The amount of people she inspired with her photos; the way she displays her things, making photos look vintage, travelling around the UK because she is pursuing her studies there. She did have a wonderful life.

I would like to thank her, for inspiring me so much. She has definitely inspired many others as well. I really wish I wasn’t so late in telling her all of this.

Thank you. RIP Mandy Faith.


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