Wallet change.

Aunty Melody came back from Greece (work trip but my uncle was so excited about all the sight seeing that he extended it an extra 10 days for them, haha). Despite coming up money for my party, she gave me another birthday present to my surprise; my very own Prada wallet!

IMG_5100 copy

IMG_5093 copy

IMG_5091 copy

IMG_5094 copy

It was between this zip-around wallet and a trifold. I got this zip-around one because I’ve never had one and it’s bigger (bigger = more mature. Kidding). Plus it’s gorgeous. The other one was a trifold and I love trifolds. The current Coach one is a trifold so by choosing it, the change is less drastic and it’s smaller. Got some friends to choose it (Kaiyan, Gladys, Waiyee and Minjia. Javis played a part too! Haha) and they all went for the zip-around one because honestly, the trifold one’s logo is weirdly spaced.

I’m hesitant in changing my wallet because there is nothing wrong with my Coach one but I can’t waste this


Wanted to put it on Instagram but lol………………….. never mind. Along with my new matte black nails with gold half moons. My hand is oddly placed anyway. Cutting my nails after I remove this set.

It doesn’t get any classier than black and gold wallet and nails. I’m a lucky girl.


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