Best messy bun

Photo on 15-9-14 at 5.40 pm #6

Photo on 15-9-14 at 5.47 pm

Photo on 15-9-14 at 5.44 pm

My fringe wasn’t falling the right way and my hair is jus a bunch of frizz so I had to bun it up. Long hours made it the perfect messy bun somehow.

I used a second rubber band to secure it because I do not know how bobby pins work, like, it’s magic. I know how to ‘stick’ it into my hair but I don’t know how to secure it and that’s just sad.

This is a scheduled post. It’s 17, Wednesday, 12.30 AM and current celebrity crush is Dylan O’Brien. He was so cute on The Internship and he just had to be gorgeous on the Maze Runner. I can’t stop talking about The Maze Runner. It wasn’t enjoyable because it’s thrilling and I hate thrills but omg, the questions, the rules of the glade, the glade, I love it. I love stories about new people joining in and the ‘seniors’ had to walk the kid through the rules. My favourite part is the explanation. Like Mean Girls when they talk about the different tables in the cafeteria. I like classification and labels in movies because it makes this so much more interesting. Why are there labels? Who labeled them? Why are they in this category and not the other? That includes vampires stories because they have a hierarchy too.

Some more examples are Divergent, The Vampire Academy, The Mortal Instruments, Twilight (shut up), Gossip Girl and Harry Potter. I can’t watch them alone though because I hate anything with suspense and thrills because they give me a heart attack and I do not like the adrenaline rush.

I had no idea this would turn out to be a movie talk. Goodnight everyone.


5 thoughts on “Best messy bun

      1. I’m serious!! When I was watching Maze Runner, during the first scene where DOB came up from the box, i thought he looked like Javis!!!

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