Things that make us tick

I made Javis laugh so many times today until he went “YOU ARE SO ADORBZ AND FUNNY HAHAHA.” It wasn’t even face to face, mind you. He found it amusing that I was so into my strategy video game (Age of Mythology). It was so into it when I was young, I’m still into it now. It is going to be the game when I want to escape of assignments for awhile.

Yesterday, we had this moment where the laughter stopped but there were still some of it left over and we looked at each other and just burst out laughing again. I forgot what we were laughing about. It felt so nice.

I’m going to share a few relationship secrets of ours! It’s healthy for my relationship, haha.

  1. We never failed in sending a Thank You message to each other after every date. It’s not just a thank you but a whole list of the things we felt thankful about each other. I’d thank him for feeding me, for sending me home, for making me laugh, for the talks, for picking me up, all these little tiny things. The content depends on the date (duh, omg).Whoever sends who home has to be the one to send it first, haha.
  2. People say saying too much ‘I love you’s is bad, I say that you say it more because that’s how you really feel. Just one ‘I love you’ occasionally is just sad and unappreciative.
  3. Honesty is huge in our relationship. I’d think about the things I have to lie about if I were to hide something so I’d just give up and just ask him before I do something.
  4. Me: “I want this, this and this.”
    Javis: “No!!! You won’t be able to finish! You always over order!!”
    Me: “No I don’t! I can finish it!”
    Javis: “LIES.”
    but gets them for me anyway, haha.
    *didn’t finish the food*
    Javis: “I told you!!!”
    Me: “But I finished the important (expensive) parts!!”
    Irrelevant but I thought it’s a cute break for you guys, haha.
  5. Fight. You’re not a couple if you don’t fight. I need to clear up this misconception that we never fight, lol. We do fight, guys. Not that often, nothing too major that we’d want a break up but we do fight and he’ll give me the silent treatment which drives me crazy.
  6. We don’t give up on each other. I can’t stress this enough. You can be a wreck, you can be crazy, you can be jealous but it’s all going to be okay if the other party doesn’t give up on you. When you say, “Isn’t this the time for you to leave? Like all the others.”, he’ll say, “WHAAAAT? What are you saying? I’ve never thought of leaving you!” That’s what determines forever in our book. You shouldn’t give up on him or her either.

I’m going to go back to my 2500 word lab report.


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