Birthday post

It’s 46 minutes since my birthday has passed. I am so so tired and sleepy but I just had to type my day down to remember it. Not that I need help but as time passes, the little details stay hidden somewhere in our minds, irretrievable.

I had school at 8.30. It was a torture because I slept late the night before to reply the 12am wishes! Thank you all for trying your best!!! Extremely touched!!! Met Minjia after school to get my present from her, Waiyee, Mengfung and Glenn. Thanks, guys!!! Put the little box in my bag and carried the carrier because it couldn’t fit.

Made my way down to find Kangling who brought me to try Saveur!! She passed me my present too! French cuisine at ridiculous prices because their food is soooo delicious!!! I think Kangling has treated me like 5000 times since she started working… She even refused my donut treat and treated me instead.

We went for a walk at Ion before ending up at Cineleisure to catch The Maze Runner!!! I just had to catch it a second time and I wanted Kangling to watch it, hahaha! It’s really good and it still made my heart go crazy (not Dylan but the thrills, okay). Went to H&M and slowly made our way up every floor. We played with beanies, hats and laughed at ridiculously designed necklaces. We picked the same shirt from the kids section and decided to pay.

That’s when I realized, I wasn’t holding my present bag anymore. My arms were empty. I went crazy and just threw the shirt somewhere and went searching for it. High and low, all over H&M. Asked every counter. Kangling was looking around too. We decided to retrace our steps and went back to cine where we searched all the possible areas, asked all the possible people but still, nothing. Kangling left her number with the cinema staff. I refused to believe that someone has taken it away and not return it. THERE ARE GOOD PEOPLE.

Flew back to H&M and searched all over again. Just aiming for a Mango bag. Went back to all the possible spots where we stayed for at least 15 minutes. Then, I saw it, hanging on a rack with the black scarfs. I searched that part probably about 4 times. I kept entering it from different angles and at that one isle, I saw the Mango word. I WAS SO FREAKING. HAPPY. Like, it’s my birthday, nothing could go wrong and even if it did, it will be right again AND IT’S TRUE, EVERYTHING WAS GREAT. Losing it for about an hour made me treasure it more. Due to my carelessness, I left someone’s present for me on some random rack. I felt so bad but I’m glad that I found it back!!! I knew I am lucky but that was the largest amount of luck bestowed on me, ever. The world has always been kind to me but lol, that was way too kind. Thank you for the present, World.

While searching for it, thoughts like “When you are happy, it means that life is going to do something to take that away.”, something like that and the next thought was like “duh, it’s not living if there are no ups and downs.” Just because you can walk now doesn’t mean you are never going to fall down again.

Thank you, Kangling for saying it’s okay, lol. IT’S TOTALLY NOT. She accompanied me until Javis came.

Javis came by to pick me up for dinner. He kept telling me it’s a secret, haha. He also said he has done a lot of research! So after driving around (making lots of wrong turns), the secret place was actually Pince and Pints! He said it’s my birthday and he wanted to bring me to eat lobster, LOL. We searched for a parking space for about 20 minutes. We reached at 10 (last order was at 10pm). Darren was working and he told us that the kitchen has ceased its operations. HE KEPT DROWNING US WITH WATER, HAHAHA!! Thank you for the free water!!! We left and went to search for a nearby restaurant.

It was this Italian restaurant. IT IS TOO HIGH END FOR ME, THE PRICES ARE NOT NORMAL. IT’S AT THE $40-$50 PER MEAL RANGE, I DON’T DESERVE THIS KIND OF PRICES. What. The. hell. Javis went crazy and we had angel hair pasta with half a lobster, ribeye steak and a huge pizza. Javis just kept saying he loves that place because it smells like roses and the steak was the best. I hd a bite and still think beef is horrible. I don’t get the hype. It was my first whole (half) lobster and it’s super good too!!!

We were so stuffed. Javis sent me home in a car for the first time. We went to pick up Kaiyan’s present for me before that!!! I’ll expose it in December, hopefully sooner!! Haha. Thank you, Kaiyan, for staying up! IT’S A SUPER GOOD PRESENT TOO!!!! You know I love it!

Javis sent me up and usually, the car park downstairs doesn’t have space at last timings like 11 plus but the heavens probably wants him to send me home all the way!! Hahaha! And that’s what he did.

I had the best birthday I could ever have. Thank you all for all the wishes, the instagram dedications, the facebook dedications and decorating our photos. I have a ton, haha. I love you all. I remembered my foolish dream of dying before I hit 20 because I wanted to be a teenager forever. I’m 21 now and I’ve never felt happier.


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