Because, hi.

Summer break has just started. I love summer breaks. It’s 3 months long. I can do all the shit I want and just rot my life out. Of course, I’m planning for this break to be fulfilling as all the others I’ve had but more of it to myself. I want to colour. I want to paint. I want to figure out Final Cut Pro and if the video turns out amazing, I’ll probably think about putting it online. I want to take more photos. I want to explore Photoshop even more. I’m thinking a lot less about cooking and more about healthy fast foods like making wraps. I want to catch up on my anime, my sitcoms, my korean dramas, my taiwan dramas. I want to read. I want to sleep more and be more religious in putting my clay mask (I am a lazy lazy human). I want to work more. Thinking about applying for another job (with Yijun!) and transferring to another department in RWS because I had enough of being a sun-and-waves person. I want more money but I want to be doing something that I feel satisfied with. I will never let myself do something I hate (this is why I struggle with the subjects I dislike). Paint my nails. Discover more things on Pinterest for me to do. It’s all about me-time.

I have been spending a lot of time with my friends during the past winter and summer breaks. I made sure every day is filled with someone because that was my way of “living”. I can visit up to 5 cafés a week.

And yes, I am so over the café hopping phase. It is such an expensive outing activity and frankly, the food isn’t even that great. 99% of them sells eggs and seriously, the price of breakfasts and poached eggs are plain madness. I have spent $25 (not counting the GST and service charge) on a plate of scrambled eggs, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes and salad. So for poached eggs, there are so many how-to-make-the-perfect-poached-eggs on Youtube so I suggest you check them out instead. I’m not going to do that because I do not like poached eggs. And eggs are eggs, you can’t describe them like you describe old wine.

Of course, I’m not going to completely wash it out of my system. It’s okay to visit new places every once in a while and just buy things because they look good in pictures. Plus, since there is a new café sprouting ever so often, you’ll never run out of places to eat.

Definitions on how to live changes every now and then. Now living is doing the things I love. Things that get me in the “Flow” zone. Things that I want to do until I get tired of it and maybe find the one that I won’t get tired of.

Not the entire holiday is going to be with myself of course, lol. I’ll have a healthy number of days with the people I love because if I’ll probably die without interaction from the outside world. I have several parties marked for November! I love it when parties don’t clash because I’d hate to miss one. Parties are also a great way to catch up with friends!

Javis is coming home in about 1 day plus! I can’t wait. It’s been three weeks of just whatsapp. Although I must say the Brunei trip positioned itself perfectly because while Javis is away, I get to study and work halloween during the weekends. Right after my exams ended, he flies back. It’s the perfect timing. October has always been the best month for me.

I’m super into the Halloween thing as well. It’s annoying that Singapore doesn’t do much except exploit the tourism industry with Halloween themed parks. It’s to remember the dead not be monsters. So glad I have trick-or-treated while dressed up as a witch as a child because not many children here get the chance to so once again, I am a lucky lucky person. I wanted to get a pumpkin but they are so expensive and I think they taste gross. Being pretentious on Instagram has its limits, lol. I still want to have a taste of the pumpkin spice latte, though.

I need to spend fall somewhere else next year, lol. With trench coats and boots. Plus, I don’t have to make fall or halloween happen because it’s already happening there.

That’s the update I have for you guys right now! Glad you stayed until the end, haha.


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