My first “gig”

A friend got me to take photos of a batch of watches he imported because he loves my style. It’s my first time being approached to do this so of course I agreed right away and did it as a favour!

But he stuffed money to me because he said I’m taking time to do this for him. It was stuffing because I did tons of pushing the envelope away, haha. Very thankful!!!




There are a lot more photos and I don’t want to drown this page so just these three that I picked randomly! It’ll be cool if photography turns into a side job. Specifically product photography so I can just decorate and do it however I like at home. Plus, Yuanyi that crazy woman I love got me this HUGE professional ring light because I casually said “I have everything for product photography just the professional light.” LOL. It is so freaking expensive.

However, it was so big that it’s hard to put together and the only place for it is behind my sofa which I didn’t want to allow! My presents should be kept nicely!! So we returned it and she said she found a better one even after I told her to just get me a small one from Ikea, lol. I love you, Yuanyi!!! For remembering that tiny little sentence and not getting offended when I asked if it can be returned!!!

Speaking about presents, Javis just told me that he ordered a Daniel Wellington watch for me late September, hahaha but it bounced back because he was in Brunei when the watches came! He said he was completely taken aback when I told him Kangling got me the watch LOL. Awwwwww. The best people in my life got me the same stuff even after discussing what to get me. So, awaiting my new present!

Hope life is treating all of you well.


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