Rooftops and chats

IMG_5567 copy

IMG_5565 copy

IMG_5590 copy

IMG_5594 copy

So glad I have Jo and Jacq for things like this. I found out that Jo only uses an iPhone but he knows a lot of things pertaining to photography. He should get a dslr. Jacq totally saved me from being a bimbo by correcting me about lenses. I DON’T HATE PRIME LENS GUYS, I HATE KIT LENS. We finally caught up after such a long while.

The criticisms I got from them helped in posing better as well. Street shots are so not my thing but it doesn’t hurt to explore other forms. Both of their styles are more similar, haha.

Waiting for the levitation shots to be dropped to me via Dropbox because they are all in Jacq’s camera!  Jo had to leave for dinner so Jacq brought me up to the rooftop! We sat and talked until the sun set then we got up to leave for dinner. I had lots of fun today despite the humidity. I realized I do not hate the heat, I hate the humidity. It’s so horrible.

I want more of this, guys. Thank you two so much for this productive Sunday.


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