Sea clouds

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IMG_2748 copy

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I took these in Bali when I was with my family. Controlling the shutter speed is more exhilarating for me than adjusting the aperture. You capture moving things in their forms in that 1/250 of a second.

My favourite Korean drama from now on is I Can Hear Your Voice. For the first time, I didn’t know who the female lead was going to end up with. I was so anxious that I felt that my heart was going to burst when watching the progress of the relationships. The cases were written in ways that doesn’t exactly justify why the murderers did what they did but shed some light into why they decided to turn into one. It also showed that turning into someone incapable of remorse is a choice. You choose who you want to be despite your emotions taking over you. To turn into a beast, there is a reason. There is always a reason.

The show is not just a romantic comedy but with paranormal aspects and solving law cases. It’s intense but not that kind that makes me uncomfortable. I love how Soo Ha matured over the episodes. I love that it’s the show that made Lee Bo Young break out of her “elegant” image. I love female leads that love themselves. I found myself a new love and he is Lee Jong Suk. I love his character, Soo Ha. I’ve never liked a character so much. I love his acting. I love his hair. I love his smile. I love that he always get all the manly roles but is actually someone who is very charming and adorable in real life. I feel happy that he is becoming one of the top stars along side Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun.

Javis has the bad luck of listening me talk about Lee Jong Suk because I want him to know everything, hahaha.

“I know why you’re anxious, and I know why you’re always preparing for a time without me. But even if that time comes, I won’t worry. Even when ten years passed, I recognised you. When I lost my memories, when I had erased you, I came to love you again. Even if ten more years pass, if I lose my memories again, if that time you’re worried about comes, I’ll find you and I’ll love you again.”
— Park Soo Ha

I’m listening to Taylor Swift’s Blank Space because I’m hooked onto the rhythm.


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