We were crossing the road when he slowed down his footsteps and a car was heading towards us.
“Oh my gosh! Walk faster next time! Why did you walk so slowly?”
“Because that car had no intention of slowing down.”

Couldn’t catch what the cashier was saying so I said,
I understood when she repeated what she said and our conversation ended.
“Why did you say ‘huh’ to her?”
“‘cos I didn’t understand what she said?”
“You should have said ‘Sorry?’ or ‘Could you repeat that?’! Don’t be so rude, ya!”

He said, “You speak to him(a stranger) like he owes you something.”

“Hey, look at Kim Soo Hyun! He is so handsome.”
“What? Don’t you like Lee Jong something?”
“HAHAHA. Yes. Yes it is. Aw, you remembered.”

*Places all our secret food and drinks in between us to shield them from the eyes of the cinema staff.
He says, “Why are all this food in the way of our relationship, hmm?”

Javis IS the best boyfriend, haha. Every date is an adventure and I learn plenty.


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