Who do you think you are

IMG_5722 copy


IMG_5727 copy


I love these set of photos. However, these are not the highlight of the shoot. I probably took over a hundred and only picked out eight. That’s the result of a shutter speed of 1/4000th of a second and burst mode.

I’ll put the rest of the photos in another post because I don’t like to see huge amounts of portrait photos that don’t fit the screen. Plus, I don’t want my readers to feel bombarded with all the white and stark colours. I think I over-adjusted the levels of some of the photos.

I have been searching for the skinniest and simple, silver knuckle rings and rings to dress up my fingers for nail art photos. I found them for $2.90 to $5.90. BUT. But, I’ve lost all inspiration for nail art and I have been letting my nails breathe. Painted a coat of nail strengthener (they don’t need the extra strength, though) to make them look shiny.

I found out that I can’t wear rings out the whole day. I kept pulling them off my finger, putting it back on and trying it on all my fingers for multiple times. Probably because it is so loose and dangly which made it really annoying.

Going to do a watercolour mixing chart in the morning. It feels more right to paint in the morning, I don’t know why.


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