Lace and lalang part 2!







IMG_1204 copy

And here is the second part with our faces!

Christmas is on it’s way and I have yet to get started on my presents for my friends. Not even the name list is done. Yep, I shall finish the name list today. I was thinking of doing it via snail mail but I keep having this vision that they are just going to throw my presents into boxes. Giving it personally means meeting up, which means some of it has to be rushed.. I’ll just give them after christmas if that is what it takes, lol. I don’t have the discipline to make them so early plus, I don’t like that it is laying around my house.

I’m not going to get a lot of things though. Just for the people I meet and chat on a frequent basis. I HAVE JUST MADE THE LIST. Efficiency at it’s finest.

The hardest part is next and I am dreading it.

I baked cookies today and for the first time, I had zero help and it turned out perfectly. Oatmeal raisin cookies; my favourite kind.


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