If you guys are home, I never want to leave




We had a Christmas party and a secret santa gift exchange so it was super heartwarming. I arrived super late because I was at a party. Ashlyn had to rush off to another party but she waited for me and hung out a little longer so the 8 of us can be together again. Everyone brought food and it was my 4th meal of the day so I wanted to burst. Phyllis was the perfect secret santa because she totally got what I wanted and even helped me source for the other stuff that I want. Super, sweet, oh my gosh. My secret santee is Amanda!

I’m really lucky to have known this bunch. You 7 are like the siblings I never had and always wanted. Amanda and I joined in a little later than the others ‘cos we skipped LAC but that didn’t prevent this amazing thing from happening. You are all so accepting.

8 different personalities but we gel together so well. We can be in pairs, trios and we can talk about the world and nobody will feel out of place. Everyone is so open and trusting. No questions feel too intrusive nor will we feel the need to hide anything. We can play and we can have heart to heart talks. I don’t usually hang out in groups because I feel so all over the place or just stuck to one person but this group is my favourite. I don’t feel like I have to be everywhere. I can just stay in a spot and still be in on everything.

Ashlyn, Phyllis, Amanda, Jacqueline, Joseph, Basil and Xaiver, you all make up my favourite group. Such strong and lovely people in my life.

I have like, perfect eyebrows now. Yes, I just have to end it like that.


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