Talk about #2

Talk about your first kiss.

I was 14. It was a good bye one. It was just a peck and it came as such a surprise, I stood there in shock for a few seconds, hahaha.

Javis and I were just talking about our first kiss a few days ago and it was a super funny conversation. I am a very transparent person but I am extremely closed about the details. You can ask me when or where but you can’t ask me how. IT’S PRIVATE, LOL. Yes, Denise has secrets too. I am more open than 80% of human beings so at least, let me have the details all to myself. So I am probably not as transparent. Maybe, translucent?

THIS POST IS MAKING ME FEEL WEIRD. LOL. But I’m not going to do loser stuff like taking things down after putting them up. PROBABLY NEVER TALKING ABOUT KISSES AGAIN.


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