Talk about #3

Talk about the person you’ve had the most intense romantic feelings for.

I clearly didn’t read all the questions thoroughly before attempting this. They asked for the past, so clearly, Javis is out of the context.

I’ve had 2 relationships in the past, one when I was 14 and one when I was 16. I would probably say the feelings were more intense for the second one because I was so ready to be in a long term relationship and just go all the way. I thought 16 was the perfect age to start dating the one you are supposed to marry. I thought I found the one I was supposed to be with. I had so many ideals about that relationship that when it ended it almost killed me. OUT OF POINT, LOL.

So, I thought he was perfect. I overlooked all the flaws and was completely head over heels. I remember the good things and the bad. On Valentines’ Day, he stayed up late with his sister to bake me this 5 layered rainbow cake. Yes, before rainbow cakes were even in, I received one of my own. He delivered it to my house too because I was as sick as a dog. That was probably my favourite memory of us. Now thinking about it, I thought the worst part was the reason he left but, it’s probably when he let us die. He just stopped bothering.

Oh, one ridiculous thing I ever heard from him was that he is planning to convert me to a Christian so I won’t go to hell. What? I never understood that until some of my friends asked if we broke up because of religion. I never thought religion was ever a factor. I am super uncomfortable in churches so we’d have probably broken up sooner or later over it, lol. Of course, that happened nearing the end so I was like, “Hmm.. this feels weird.”

We are not friends at the moment but it’s probably never going to happen too, since he is the kind that cuts 99% of people off whenever he moves into a different phase.

Yep, Isaac thought me the most. Going to sound majorly cliché but I totally came out a much better person. I learnt that I have to love myself first before loving someone else because you are just going to be all dependent on the love from your partner and it’s so unhealthy, I feel. You shouldn’t be two people becoming halves to form a whole. It should be two wholes forming one whole. Like, 1/1 + 1/1 instead of 1/2 + 1/2.

I have to see my kids tomorrow morning so I better head to bed before I start spewing all my love theories out. I can totally do that, you know. Don’t try me, lol. I have tons.



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