Mariner of the seas

I just went on the best cruise ever. I am still living in this sort of gloomy bubble because life was so great on the boat and I loved every minute of it.

Mariner of the seas is one of the Royal Caribbean cruises and it’s the second Royal Caribbean cruise I have been on. I went to Legend of the seas when I was 17 and it was during the critical mid period of a poly semester. I failed a component of a module but it was totally worth it and I didn’t regret it one bit (trying to be a badass). Well, probably because I didn’t have to redo the entire module which would have killed me.


Mariner carries 1, 000 more passengers (it carries 3.1k passengers) than Legend so it is definitely bigger. It has a mall in the middle of the ship where you can shop and everything is duty free. It’s a legit mall, guys. They have an ice skating rink (which I kept missing the time slots to enter). Okay, wait. The best thing is the itinerary for every single day. It is all planned out and there are so many activities to choose from. So before a day starts, they will put the itinerary in your room so you can plan what you want to do. After breakfast, I went for this jewellery making class. Later in the afternoon, they had a scrapbooking class.

There are also screening rooms for movies but my favourite is Studio B, where they show super amazing shows like How to Train Your Dragon 2 (it’s my second time and I still cried like a baby) and The Penguins of Madagascar. I KNOW, PENGUINS JUST CAME OUT?! Oh wait, the best part is that it is in 3D. I loved. it, omg.

Oh right, 95% of things on the deck is free. Room service, the ice cream, the hot dogs (you can choose from 6 different kinds like, I got the German something bratwurst and it was so darn good), the buffets, the fine dining. Mini golf, basketball, YOU DON’T HAVE TO RENT ANYTHING. I had this thinking that room service food are sucky because they just reheat frozen food but no, I HAD THE BEST FRIED HONEY GLAZED CHICKEN WITH RANCH DIP OF MY LIFE.

Had fine dining for all 3 nights. Shorts are forbidden so whenever I see people entering with shorts I just wanted to kick them into their rooms. You can to choose your starter, main entrée and dessert. We were served by waiters and they unfold the napkins and place it on our laps. Then, they let us choose from a selection of bread as appetizers. I always get the onion bread. So I had super godly food like escargots. I. LOVE. SNAILS. THEY ARE SO TANGY. AND THAT GARLIC BUTTER SAUCE. I died. Then I had salmon on top of vegetables and crème brûlée. Other nights I had shrimp gyoza (IT WAS THE FREAKING BEST. HEAVEN. IN THE MOUTH). It had shrimp and a little bit of vegetables inside. The skin was soft and the sauce. My cousins and I actually asked if they had any gyoza left because we wanted more. Philip, our super awesome waiter for all three nights brought us an additional 3 plates!!! We ordered them for room service the next day, that was how freaking good, that gyoza was. One starter was scallop something. The scallop was so delectable. It was a starter so there were only one giant one. IT WAS SO GOOD. Totally an awesome fine dining experience. We learnt how to appreciate the little but food cooked to perfection. You’d definitely be full though, because you can ask for as many entrées, and starters you want. And if you are still hungry, there is always the restaurant where it is a buffet so you can eat until you burst.

Their gym facilities were the bomb. There were 19 treadmills. I had no intention to gym but I realized it’s 4 days of no pilates straight so I decided to go. I ran 2 kilometers without stopping which was a surprise because I usually stop after 500 meters. They have everything. I did bench presses and almost died but didn’t because my sister was helping me. I did the triceps because nobody likes having flabby arms. I think my biceps are fine but my triceps are like, losers. THE GYM IS JUST THE COOLEST. Then my sister and my cousins headed to have a round of mini golf before getting ready for our fine dining dinner.

Have I mentioned the bedrooms? SUPER COMFORTABLE BEDS AND THICK BLANKETS SO YOU FEEL LIKE YOU ARE A WARM TOASTY CINNAMON BUN THAT IS MELTING INTO THE COVERS. I slept like a log every single night and I am the kind that is uncomfortable on beds I have not slept on. The heater in the shower is the most powerful. NO STANDING THERE WAITING FOR YOUR WATER TO TURN WARM.

They also have this 24 hour café which serves wraps, sandwiches, desserts like PINK LEMONADE TARTS AND RAINBOW RICE KRISPIES WITH MELTED MARSHMALLOWS. I sipped chamomile tea for an even more amazing sleep.

Every night, we went to a show. The first night was a spectacular performance on ice. THEY DID IT SO FLAWLESSLY. It was also sort of like a musical so everything was just simply gorgeous and I felt so lucky to be watching it. The next night they had the Royal Caribbean vocalists which sounded superb live and I thought they could have just gone to be world class singers. The last day, we watched Duck Cameron WHO IS AUSTRALIA’S BEST MAGICIAN AND HE WAS SO GOOD. I sat at the second row so it was super up close. Like, usually you have to pay a huge amount to watch him but he was invited onboard so we could see! Extremely funny and interactive.

We even went for the 70’s dance party in the middle of the mall! Oh, one of my absolute favourite parts was going for the live Art Auction. Just watching them raise their numbers to buy a $5, 000 painting. Every painting that was auctioned off was explained detailedly to us. From the painter’s history and the backstory of the painting and the symbols. I LOVE IT. I can appreciate paintings and I actually wanted to just go for the free champagne but the art blew me away. They have art pieces ranging from $89 to $24, 000. Yes, I attended an art auction. I don’t have the money to buy any paintings though, duh.

Guest service was the freaking bomb. Every housekeeper would greet you as you walk pass no matter your age. Usually they only greet the adults because they are the ones who are paying, haha but they treated us super well too! They did so well that my father tipped them!!

Everything was so beautiful. My family and external family has decided to make it a yearly affair. Royal Caribbean has the best cruises. Lunch was always buffets and there were FREE SLOW SMOKED SALMON. FREE FLOW. I didn’t know where to put that line so I am just going to chuck it there.

I hope they come back to Singapore every year. It’s super luxurious and you are treated like gold. Staff are international so you have people ranging from China to Canada, mostly white people and they are all equally nice and amazing. Extremely patient and understanding.

I am done with this. OMG I FORGOT TO MENTIONED THAT I WENT TO THE CASINO ON THE LAST NIGHT AND I HAD SUCH A GOOD TIME THAT I WAS SO AWAKE AT 3AM. The rush of winning was so!!!! My cousins and I played the one where you drop the coins in the push the other coins out. It was super intense and we were just giving it our full concentration. I have completely understood a gambler’s mind. I didn’t bring money on this ship but I have amazing parents and external family members!!! They kept giving us more money to change to quarters, hahaha. Then, my uncle told us to stop because we lost it all, LOL. Not in an angry way but more like, you-had-enough kind which was true but I kept thinking about the possibilities. It wasn’t saddening because it was all in quarters so we didn’t know how much we lost. I think my father lost $600 on the jackpot machine LOL.

This is really the end. I made friends on board because, I don’t know, most people are really nice. Especially the people who are not from Singapore. I don’t think I made friends with another Singaporean, though. BUT they are all really civilized except this aunty’s attitude to others made me so zzz. I didn’t see any hooligans onboard. Then again, who am I to say who is a hooligan and who is not.

OKAY GOODNIGHT. Oh, the ship has no internet connection so me and my family were all really connecting and not slaves to social media. I loved it so much that I didn’t want to turn on my data when the ship reached Singapore. Yep, seeing the end of 2014 soon. The cruise really marks the spot for 2014.


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