5th day of Christmas. Am I right?

Gift exchange with Yuanyi and she gave me this huge box of Ciaté nail polishes!


It is the Mini Mani Manor with 24 bottles! 15 nail polishes, 8 effects (pearls and tinsels) and one huge mystery nail polish that I still have no idea what it is because I cannot bear to tear open the “doors”. It’s a calendar type of thing. IT IS SO COOL!!! I still have two other Ciaté nail sets and one OPI which I have yet to try because there were so many things going on like my mom got me this nail stamping set which I absolutely love because now, I can have intricate designs and not die trying to draw them out with a brush. I can open a store. It’s time for New Year nails! Probably going to do them tonight while watching Arthur Christmas. I watched Elf on boxing day and almost wanted to cry my eyes out because of all the Christmas feels but I controlled myself. I want to rewatch New Years Eve too because I love movies with 5000 major movie stars. I love that I don’t have to look the up because I know exactly who they are.

Sorry for my loser present to you, Yuanyi. I thought my present was great then she had to do this. Plus she added in a Benefit brow gel and a Shu Uemura eyelash curler (WANTED ONE SINCE FOREVER BUT I AM SO SCARED OF THE BRAND I DON’T EVEN KNOW THE PRICE OF ONE). Told her to end the search for my birthday present because, I THINK SHE HAS DONE ENOUGH FOR ME IN THIS LIFETIME. I LOVE YOU.

Crystal sent me snail mail which WAS SO SUPER SWEET? I came home and my mom went “You bought things again?!” Crystal got me this top that I locked my eyes on when I was with her but had to give it up because I felt it was too expensive. SHE TOTALLY WENT BACK AND GOT IT FOR ME OMG I LOVE YOU.

Can’t wait for Christmas exchange with Javis! I am all prepared but he is still waiting for mine to arrive from somewhere, lol.

I have been watching Zoella and Alfie play Sims 4 and omg, can the Mac version come out already?! I am dying just waiting. I am feeding my need for Sims by slowly watching all of their Sims videos. I prefered theirs to Pewdiepie because pewdiepie just makes everything seem like a joke and they don’t feel like real people you should care about. Zalfie are super concerned with their sims and they have like little goals like this girl has to be musically talented or knows how to cook. I have a question though, isn’t it hard to play together? You have to keep fighting for the mouse and little things like that.

I borrowed My Lucky Star from Yuanyi the third time. I am going to rewatch it because I need a Taiwan drama in my life and THAT IS MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE. ZHONG TIAN QI AND XIA ZHI XING. FOR LIFE.

Shall start tomorrow night.

I’m not unmotivated, I’m just easily contented which isn’t very good as well because I don’t think I am making huge changes to the world. Maybe one day. Now I am just going to do anything that I want. Life is too short to deprive yourself of things you don’t want to do.


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