I failed to come up with a last post of the year kind of thing. I downloaded Sims 3 and it has taken over my life. I don’t even remember when I started playing it. I came home last night around 2.30am and played it all the way until 5 plus because “I needed my hair to dry.” Clearly, I do not remember the existence of a hair dryer.

Spent my last few hours with Javis’ baby friends at Joel’s house. Like friends since primary school, haha. Same company when we were ushering 2013 but they were so much more chill this year, LOL. No one got drunk. We watched SG50. They called me weird because I know all the members of Big Bang and Javis said that’s not the only group I know. They are weirder because they play goat stimulator. They are probably the only people I know who bought a working sheesha machine(?) and high end cigars, oh god. HAVE YOU EVEN SEEN A CIGAR AT THIS AGE?

Joel lent me a book which he claims is super good so it’s now with me and I can’t wait to read it! I borrowed Will Grayson, Will Grayson from Yuanyi and I should probably read it first. I’m halfway through Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell but it’s the ebook version. I’m not totally against ebooks but it’s hard to read and it feels like my eyes become more damaged as I keep on reading. JOEL GAVE ME A FINN THE HUMAN BOOKMARK WHICH IS SUPER CUTE SO I AM GOING TO KEEP IT FOR LIFE.

2014 ended awesomely and I couldn’t ask for better company. Thank you, Javis friends who all speak perfect English that I felt so weird with all my “meh, leh, la, lor.” I need training.

Should I go boxing with them on Friday, hmm. I’ll probably die halfway, though. It seems super tough but I need the work out.

I loved 2014 and I am not ready for 2015. So many hills I need to cross over. I’m finishing my degree by April. Do I apply for honors? Yes. What if I don’t get into any courses? What if I do? What happens then? Living alone overseas seems like a dread. I can’t buy an apartment like Javis, Joel and Davis plan to in the UK. We shall see. I’m thinking hard about the honors path because I don’t want to start social work at such a young age. I’ll definitely go into it but not now. 2015 is the start of the long distance relationship! I’ve heard enough success stories to be hopeful. Thank you to all that believes in LDRs and encouraged me, I love you. Thinking of the many times I’m going to the UK sounds super exciting now. Guess it is not all that bad, LOL. I should get a job there and end our LDR.

Oh gosh, my mom just heated up the tangyuan and if that is not my favourite dessert in the world, I don’t know what is. This is the end of my first post for 2015.

Back to playing sims. Because of it, I didn’t make my new year nails, I didn’t watch Arthur Christmas, Parks and Recreation is on a standstill. See, there are so many things to do in life. There is no time to do the things you don’t want to do.

Hope you have a great year, everyone.

I left my phone in Joel’s house but Mac lets you message, not iMessage, people so phone’s is away? Okay, LOL.


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