I just finished 放羊的星星 and that explains the short disappearance. I am extremely committed to dramas. I always give myself at least 3 days to finish everything and I usually do. I do nothing except watch it and I lose motivation for everything else. I don’t know how people can handle waiting for episodes to come out week by week. I make it my responsibility to not meet people in the middle of my drama commitment because I will definitely be late if I didn’t manage to cancel that appointment.

I still cried like shit. It’s an 8 year old drama and it’s the best I have ever seen. After watching it, I felt that all the dramas after it are somewhat similar. WELL, THOSE ARE THE DRAMAS THAT CAUGHT ME. I love romantic comedies.

Series are different, though. Like, for Gossip Girl, I only allowed myself to watch one episode a day because there is too much drama in every episode and there are 5000 episodes.

I feel like watching 天外飞仙 and 海豚湾恋人 again. It’ll be awhile before I start another drama because I need to catch up with life. We shall see.

Javis and I are going to our first karaoke session AND I AM SO EXCITED OMG. I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS DAY FOR SO LONG. Kbox finally has student hours during the weekends, yay! So out of topic


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