I went over to Yuanyi’s house today because I just wanted to rot and her house is like, the number 1 rotting spot. It has everything for just being a lazy toad. Giant bed, plenty of soft blankets and pillows. Soft toys, what is that thing that you pull over your windows? A blinder? But without the holes. Not curtains, I know what curtains are. The walls are the perfect shade of teal and everything looks so dreamy and soft that I think you can sleep for 48 hours without twitching at all.

So she got out her fairy lights and we tumblr-fied her room! With my new found calligraphy skills (lol) we made the word ‘dream’ in cursive. The letters didn’t stand out as much as we’d like because the lights were spaced out too much. It would have looked much better if there were a lot more of the little light bulbs but we did what we can and I think it looks lovely! Yuanyi is going to get some little pegs so she can hang up her photos! We got the idea from Pinterest!

It was tedious but it wasn’t a total fail. We’re quite happy with it!

It’s Javis’ room next, ho ho. His room is a lovely shade of “The fault in our stars” blue, haha. That’s the way to describe the colour of his walls. Okay, maybe slightly darker.

When I was typing all of these, it’s actually in a British accent, in my head because I had just watched about an hour straight of Zoe Sugg’s videos.


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