This is not going to be a Favourites post. I cut those out of my life because I find the whole editing process tiring and mundane. Well, I am the kind of person that does things halfway. Especially if it doesn’t bring me joy anymore. Life is too short to do things you don’t feel 100% happy with.

THIS IS WHY MY LIFE IS GOING NOWHERE, LOL. I don’t wish for anything more, I don’t strive for anything. I need to be more self motivated, guys. I think that is very important. Okay, new goal right there.

Lets start.

IMG_6820 copy

My new daily cleanser and I decided to get the scrub as well because I felt like I should get one. I use the scrub twice a week and I find it a chore to remember which day I should be using it. All my types of lazy are going to appear in this post, lol. I like it. I like the whole volcanic pore range actually. Speaking of it, my volcanic clay mask which I have not used in forever because I find the putting it on and removing it process tedious. I SHOULD PUT IT TODAY. I MUST. I need to buy the jumbo size cleanser soon because it felt like the cleanser bottle is not as fat anymore. What a word to describe the product.

IMG_6821 copy

THIS IS SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER MADE FROM 100% NATURAL PRODUCTS. 0 chemicals. You don’t have to worry that it is going to be too strong for your hair because it’s all food extracts. It’s a brand that only exists on the internet and I wish it will open a store here. It’s a company in Singapore, by the way. I got the strengthening ones because I drop half a head of a hair a day and that is not good. I see a reduction of hair on the floor and when I comb through my hair with the conditioner. The only complain about it is that it does not lather!! I always feel like I should pour more to wash my hair because the foam doesn’t build up and you can’t bring it to other parts of your hair. Yep. That’s the complaint. I think I need the clarifying one now because I have oily hair from sleeping on it wet almost every night. Too lazy to use the hair dryer. Recommended by Yuanyi because we have almost the same hair type. She hit $100 after one purchase and they made her a member.

IMG_6822 copy

I have found the nail polish remover that removes nail polish around your nails! I always see it in nail videos where the artists use a brush dipped in a kind of remover that removes nail polish around the nail really quickly! It’s the Sally Hansen one! It makes the nails really dry, though. So I will follow up with a hand cream which makes everything pretty again. I started using the Sephora express nail polish remover too! I got it for my birthday and I was afraid the remover will dry up. IT IS MAGIC. I keep looking at it in Sephora stores ever since Janelle recommend it to me but I won’t spend over $10 for nail polish remover. I GOT IT FOR MY BIRTHDAY SO WAS SO HAPPY. Removes all my nail polish instantly! I heard you shouldn’t remove glitter polish with it though because it will damage the sponge. I love it!!! Is there a remover refill?

IMG_6823 copy

I’ve always wanted argan oil to put on my hair because I heard it is really good! I got this bottle for Christmas and have been putting it before I sleep! I love the results in the morning where my hair feels like a baby’s butt. So results are visible and instant so I am more motivated to put it on before I sleep because I like the baby butt texture on my hair.

IMG_6824 copy

There was a whole wide shortage of the Baby Lips I love which is I think in the shade Mixed Berries. I FINISHED THE TUBE. HAVE YOU EVER FINISHED A TUBE OF LIP BALM? I think it lasted me for more than a year because I only put it when I remember (usually before heading out) and I don’t do touch ups throughout the day so I guess that’s why it lasted for so long! I actually bought a new one BUT I lost it the next day, wow. So I couldn’t find it anymore!! I searched like 5 Watson stores (not a lot but, just, okay!) and ended up buying this, Pink Shock from the Electro series and I didn’t like it, lol. It’s more of a darker pink shade and it’s is more pigmented than the Mixed Berries so I can’t just slather it on and make my lips feel moisturized. My lips look like it is ready to party and I don’t party, lol. I’m not a lipstick person so one layer of it just makes me want to remove it because it is too bright. It’s rotting in the cupboard. My mom went to NTUC and found rows of Mixed Berries and got me two, haha. All is well.

IMG_6826 copy

HOW LONG HAVE A LUSTED AFTER THIS. SO SO LONG. I wanted a Shu Uemura eyelash curler for the longest time. But, I never dared to walk into one of their stores so I never knew how much it costs but it’s probably a bomb (above $10, lol). Yuanyi gave one to me because she bought 2 at the airport and it’s not like the current one she is using it going to break. OMG SO LIKE, I GOT IT, OMG. IT’S THE DREAM EYELASH CURLER. I GOT MY DREAM EYELASH CURLER, GUYS. Thanks to Yuanyi! I also found out I have been curling my eyelashes wrongly after watching Beauty Bible, lol.

IMG_6831 copy

I caved and got the best bb cream in the market. I don’t need bb cream but I thought I should just have one on hand. I have so many things that I got on standby that you’ll be surprised. I felt that I shouldn’t just go through drugstore brands and find the perfect one. I should just make my first one the best! I wanted to get one for my cousin at first but Mandy the bb cream collector says the cream is not exactly the best so I didn’t bother about it after that. Then Yuanyi bought it I think and kept talking about it and pushing it so I caved. I got Serena to get one too! Hahaha. It’s been like 4-5 months and I have only used it thrice. IT REALLY MAKES THE FACE LOOK PHOTOSHOPPED, OMG. I don’t use it everyday because I am too lazy to apply it and remove it afterwards. I’m the perfect epitome of the lazy girl. Yeah, make up isn’t my thing, lol.

IMG_6832 copy

I started using a toner after I went for a facial and the lady said my pores are huge for a 21 year old!!! I don’t usually care but I have this complex about my pores. THEY ARE SO HUGE. I always look at Javis’ face and pinch/squeeze the skin to make the pores stand out but he is freaking poreless. I have used a toner before but it was too strong for me and it stings my face so I stayed away from toners. This toner is the best. It’s gentle, PORES ARE SUPER TINY NOW (please don’t stare at my pores, lol). I think toner helps stuff to absorb into the face as well, right? I don’t know if it is this or the Innisfree cleanser but I don’t have blemishes anymore! Like those giant one when it hurts terribly just by touching it. It’s not baby’s butt smooth but I don’t look like a 13 year old. It’s pricey so I am trying my best to ration it now, lol.

IMG_6833 copy

It was alright. I didn’t feel anything much after reading it but I think it’s my first book about homosexuals. It’s like every other romance story and nothing surprising, I feel. I’m reading a much interesting book at the moment!

IMG_6842 copy

That is all!

I’m hooked onto the Austin and Ally series. I can’t seem to find links to watch season 2, though. I’M STUCK.


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