DIY: Grid handphone case

IMG_6845 copy

IMG_6848 copy

IMG_6849 copy-side

I think it’s pretty obvious that grid and line patterns are taking over the minimalist world. I saw this grid iPhone 6 case on Saturday for $17. Not only is it made in China, the lines aren’t as black and it doesn’t protect much of the phone at all. I almost bought it then I realized that if I were to drop my phone, the casing will not protect it from denting.

Another way is to print the image onto a sticker and stick it on the back. Still, 0 protection and it costs $30 from this particular website.

I decided to make my own one because it’s just drawing lines, right? How hard can that be.

My white case is from Cineleisure and it costs only $2. It’s flexible and it protects the phone all over. Next, I got a ruler and a pencil to mark out lines, horizontally and vertically, 1cm apart. I took a black sharpie and just drew the lines to create this grid look. My grid doesn’t look completely symmetrical is because the width of my phone is 6.5cm. I like it a little off, anyway.

I’m not sure if the ink will come off after awhile. It doesn’t look like it will stay very long, haha. It IS only a sharpie. The casing is only $2 and if you want to see how a grid phone case will look on you, this is the way to try it. I wanted to go into the marble trend but I guess I didn’t really like it as much?

Loving my phone case at the moment even though it has turned yellowish.

I spent my morning trying out my new bottle of indian ink for brush lettering and I absolutely love it. No more trying to squeeze out the ink from the brush’s body.

Update (04/02/15): The ink actually turned blue. I don’t know if the Sharpie’s ink wore off or the rubber casing just doesn’t work with the ink very well. A friend told me to put a coat of nail polish top coat over it, maybe that would help!


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