Flips hair

IMG_1369_2 copy-side

IMG_1393 copy

Jo and I have twinny cameras now, 700D with a 50mm. Jo asked me to model for him for the Instagram Meet’s portrait event because I am the prettiest girl out there. Lol, I’M KIDDING. But it’s probably true, you know, lets accept it, guys.

So, I WAS FREAKING OUT, ALL THE WAY. I CAN’T MODEL TO SAVE MY LIFE. I don’t like to act like I am looking at the floor. Acting all cool. I don’t like acting. I never liked portrait photography. I like capturing things in the moment so I am extremely interested in event photography. Back to being SNTM, I hate being in the center of attention of strangers. I just stuck close to Jo and Jacq. I was exclusively for Jo so I felt okay until we were at this part THEN THE REST OF THE PHOTOGRAPHERS DECIDED THAT THEY WERE GOING TO SHOOT ME TOO. OH MY GOD. IT WAS THIS HUGE GROUP. I don’t know to look or not to look. Then one of them instructed me to how I should position my face. I felt better but still, MY FACE AND MY EXPRESSION MIGHT NOT BE UP TO EXPECTATIONS. I don’t know what they took.

I ran away and stuck with Jo afterwards, hahaha!!! Jo’s first time (I think) with a dslr and experimenting portrait, I am impressed. I didn’t pose for those pictures at the top because I hate posing. I actually rejected the modelling thing because I know I suck but he really wanted me to (is the pretty face, people) and it’s at 10am. No, shit. I got really good tips on portrait photography, though! Extra knowledge is always good!

Oh! One of them posted my photo on Instagram and I LOOK LIKE A GODDESS. Is her skill, most probably, lol. She is extremely skilled at portrait photography. Waiting for her to send me the photo so I can put it up here and admire myself. *flips hair


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