The name “Reveur” is in reference to that alternate title for the circus – Le Cirque Des Reves. “Rêveur” literally means “Dreamer”.



THESE PEOPLE ARE AMAZING. I am just ugly at every angle except when taking photos of myself. HOW DID THEY MANAGE THAT. Goddess in the making over here. I do not look as calm as I did in those pictures I can tell you that. My brain was on overdrive and I rub my nails when I am nervous. The photo captured by Bearfangs, I WAS BLINKING, OMG. I’m not going to do stuff like close my eyes and stand there. Read the previous post and know that I hate posing for someone else. Never going to be model material. I’m okay with self shoots and a good friend.

The more I look at these pictures, the more not-goddess-like I feel, LOL. I shall not look at it and retain my goddess image.


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