Valentines’ Day dinner @ Tony Romas

I brought Javis to Tony Romas for dinner on the eve of Valentines because they had this Valentine’s Day set meal! We went to the branch at suntec city. You can’t make any reservations so you’ll have to wait and we only waited about 10 minutes before we got a booth seat.

The meal consisted of a choice of mocktail or cocktail and we went for the cocktail, hahahahahah.


Soup and a huge starter! Chicken bites which were so delicious!! But we left some because we needed space for our main!



The main was this huge plate of meat which made us very happy!! There were sausages, RIBS, prawns!! Javis had all the corn because I hate corn. HATE. Not as much as I hate peas but HATE.


Molten lava cake was the dessert and Javis loved it! Extremely decadent. Can you use decadent like that. I do not know, it’s my first time using it, lol.

The food was superb! The ambiance was lovely because the lights were dim but bright enough to see what we are eating. I have seen Tony Romas from the outside and it looked so dark that I thought I wouldn’t be able to see what I was eating, haha. The service was awesome! I noticed that they were hiring so I guess manpower is lacking. If any of you encounter slow service I guess it is because they do not have enough people to cater to the amount of customers they have every night so I think we just have to understand. Everyone was very nice and they will check up on us from time to time to ask how we are doing and how is the food. We had a lovely time!



We watched something before heading over to suntec.. Oh, we watched I’m fine, thank you, I love you. It’s a Thai movie! WE LOVE THAI MOVIES. We have caught 3 so far so I think once a year, haha. They make the best romantic comedies and more or less, made me cry which is hard (I like to think that it isn’t very easy to make me cry).

Sorry for the 9 day haitus! I’ll do up the Valentine’s day post next! It’s the CNY period and I getting really busy! School starts next week as well.

See you soon!


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