Black meets red

The look for Corinne’s birthday party yesterday! We were told to either be in all black or white! I wanted to be in white but I didn’t want to use the new dress I bought and I didn’t have anything else so, I pulled something together at the last minute! The whole black ensemble made me want to go with a red lip. I wanted to put hair spray like how I would usually style it then my hair was being really nice in a flat way. I don’t like it when my hair becomes flat but it gave off a different vibe then (like Yura’s hair). Absolutely loving the colour of my hair. It’s 1/3 black because of the roots and the line between the colours are not too stark like how dip-dyes would look like. It’s a gradual colour.

예쁘다, yes, I am talking about me, HAHA! Don’t expose me, Janelle (who is sending me all her snapchats of her in Korea omg. SHE FORCED ME TO REVIVE MY SNAPCHAT)

I watched the last episode of Jjongah couple and Namyoung couple. Jjongah’s was too abrupt and I hated it. I hated that they (and me) didn’t have time to soak in the fact that their pretend marriage is over. Namyoung’s one made my eyes water. After they knew they are ending, they had to go through with their wedding photoshoot. They had time to relive the memories and soak up the reality.

I remembered I was super annoyed with X when she said WGM is scripted and fake; they are all acting. It is a fact that it is a pretend marriage but the feelings and everything was pure! I don’t think there is much to act about. It’s not like they fell for each other. They ARE supposed to treat each other like they are married. When people make you feel naive for liking something, that is horrible. You can choose not to believe it but you don’t pressure me into feeling the same, you know.

I want to start on a new series but I think I should start on my essay first.


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